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A 1995 VN750 with only 9000 miles for got her for 2000$ back in September 2019 I got real lucky with this one..

Also I just want to say thank you to this site because most of the ideas that were completed by me on the bike were just great , tune-ups, additions, electrical schematics or complete modifications. This sites members and by explaining in great intuitive perspective there own accomplished feats in modifying, changing parts, simple tune-ups, or questions that were answered by others. They by far have unequivocally helped me in every stump, problem, issue, or even simply a careless overlook in which I've come across step by step of the way.. Thank You

My plan with her was to have some-what of a bobber style come about.

- Changed handlebars into Mini Apes black with new grips also black.
- Changed rear shocks on the bike into some I found on eBay for 75$ and thanks to this site I got the 10.5in shocks that dropped the bike a nice 3in as well. The ride was way smoother especially high speeds. I'm sure the originals were done for if this was the difference. The kick stand still worked just fine from the 3in lowering and I did not have to modify it. The Bike Sat a little more straight up but the lean was still sufficient enough..
- The center stand I love, I love it and i have know idea why that guy took it off and threw it out. It makes all kind of things easier, now getting my bike on the center stand is a lit more difficult with the lowered bike but it's still worth it big time for me.

The bike with the new changes
- I definitely wanted a single seat and I found one for cheap, cheap. The single style seat seat with metal pan plate & springs the kit was for a Harley sportster 38$ it was an easy switch.