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New Member Introductions

First Post? Make your big introduction here.
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Trip / Ride Reports & Get-togethers

Want to plan a ride? Want to meet the faces behind the keyboard? Set something up here! Also check out our Regional Forums to find local riders!
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Dedicated forums for member's geographical locations Northeast |  Great Lakes  |  Southeast  |  Great Plains Southwest  |  Northwest  |  California  |  Canada   |  International
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Technical Forum

VN750 General Discussion

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Where does this wire go?Includes Electrical mods, Lights, Stator,Rectifier, Diagrams, etc
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Engine / Exhaust / Cooling

\ From the radiator, through the case and out the exhaust. If it has to do with the cooling,engine or exhaust, discuss it here!
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Carbs and Fuel System

From the gas tank to the carbs All fuel system discussion
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Transmission / Rear End

\ Chattering Clutch? Transmission Trouble? Rear End Woes? Splines Shot? Discuss it here!
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Wheels, Suspension and Brakes

Everything to do with wheels, tires,suspension, forks and brakes
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Everything related to equipment Includes backrests, luggage racks, windshields, floorboards, pegs, and riding gear
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Motorcycle Safety

Discuss safety ideas/tactics or safety-related products. Ride Smart!
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Projects and Builds

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The Vulcan Verses

THE largest database of VN7xx knowledge found anywhere! A READ-ONLY archive of member's past posts on VN750 informationBIG Thanks to Stewart in putting this together!
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Got a favorite Vendor or not? Post your praise or criticism here
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Sell or Swap

Got a part you want to sell or looking for a part? Want to trade for something? Post it in here!
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Vendor Deals

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Riding gear and parts - MOTORCYCLEiD
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Community Help Section

Community Help

Having technical problems with the forum? Can we make the site any better? Have a suggestion? Let us know. Testing Grounds -
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  1. Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    I wonder if anyone here has had a similar issue It all started after i did an oil and filter change - everything was fine in a few hours after the change My oil guage lite came up. I looked down at the glass hole and realised oil was not pumping - I shut off the engine - opened the filter a few...
  2. VN750 General Discussion
    I am putting this here because I said I was done with that thread..... For the record... I have never reccomended anyone do an earshave, install aftermarket pipes or alter the stock ones. I have even said there is no proven data to suggest that relocating the R/R is something every owner...
  3. I’m trying to replace the old sealed H4 headlamp with an led option, but can’t get the retainer ring off the glass headlight which I need to hold the new unit in place, It seems to be solidly glued in. Any suggestions please 🙏 Or is it a case of smashing the glass and then cleaning it up...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, Just getting back to riding after 25 years. Took a break that ended up being extra long. I’m from KY, I work on my own cars, but never on a motorcycle before. Just bought a 05 Vulcan 750. It’s been a stumper for me so far. Although I’ve searched the forums, I haven’t found this...
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