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First Post? Make your big introduction here.
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Trip / Ride Reports & Get-togethers

Want to plan a ride? Want to meet the faces behind the keyboard? Set something up here! Also check out our Regional Forums to find local riders!
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Technical Forum

VN750 General Discussion

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Where does this wire go?Includes Electrical mods, Lights, Stator,Rectifier, Diagrams, etc
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Engine / Exhaust / Cooling

\ From the radiator, through the case and out the exhaust. If it has to do with the cooling,engine or exhaust, discuss it here!
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Carbs and Fuel System

From the gas tank to the carbs All fuel system discussion
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Transmission / Rear End

\ Chattering Clutch? Transmission Trouble? Rear End Woes? Splines Shot? Discuss it here!
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Wheels, Suspension and Brakes

Everything to do with wheels, tires,suspension, forks and brakes
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Everything related to equipment Includes backrests, luggage racks, windshields, floorboards, pegs, and riding gear
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Motorcycle Safety

Discuss safety ideas/tactics or safety-related products. Ride Smart!
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Projects and Builds

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The Vulcan Verses

THE largest database of VN7xx knowledge found anywhere! A READ-ONLY archive of member's past posts on VN750 informationBIG Thanks to Stewart in putting this together!
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Got a favorite Vendor or not? Post your praise or criticism here
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Sell or Swap

Got a part you want to sell or looking for a part? Want to trade for something? Post it in here!
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Vendor Deals

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Riding gear and parts - MOTORCYCLEiD
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Community Help

Having technical problems with the forum? Can we make the site any better? Have a suggestion? Let us know. Testing Grounds -
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  1. If you're letting the battery die is it best to pull the cables or does it matter?
  2. Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Located on the left rear wheel On the same wheel it mentions gear oil and I want to make sure there isn't supposed to be some kind of fluid in here
  3. I'm thinking that buying a 15 yo bike means parts will be harder to come by in the years to come. So the question becomes "What parts will I likely need to keep this thing (which has 18k on it already) running for another 50 or 75 k miles?" Are there major parts known to be prone to failure...
  4. Just an FYI, we added a page of all VN750 items currently on Ebay...it is instantly updated with all current auctions. Check it out HERE
  5. I'm working on some custom turn signals based off the Neopixel LEDs. They are RGB and can be individually controlled. They will go inside the stock housing. I am also ordering some clear lenses to put in front. The goal is to have them act as running/brake lights (Red with blue center dot)...
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