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TR_Irish 12-15-2017 03:02 PM

Oops. Here I go again...
I love my '92 VN750 so much that I picked up another one. This ones an '86, hasn't been run in about a year, starter is shot. I picked it up for $300 and am hoping to make a bike that I can either sell for a profit or I might keep it around for a while. Honestly I'm thinking of lowering it a bit and seeing if I can make it into a bike for the wife, she's 4' 10" and has a hard time finding anything that she can comfortably touch the ground on.

Or I might just go full on custom and have a toy that I can sling around and not worry about breaking. Not sure just yet. First step is to get it running. When "it" changes to "her" I can figure out what her character is and what to do.

I'm so looking forward to this project! I'm confident that I can resurrect this bike even though the only thing I know about it at this point is that I need a starter (or a rebuild) and that it's got some minor cosmetic issues (dented tank, one side cover broken and one missing, etc). After all I've learned about my Betty these last couple years I am eager to tackle this new challenge.

Planning on posting pics hare soon and updating through the winter as I make progress. Let's see what happens....

Thorn 12-15-2017 04:27 PM

Nice find. keep the updates rolling in!

OleDirtyDoc 12-15-2017 05:00 PM

sweet. can't wait

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Paulywog 12-15-2017 07:18 PM

Good luck,have fun!!

Sparkys73150 12-16-2017 09:46 AM

Sounds like you got a great steal, I mean deal ! Put some shorter shocks on it, like Doc's progressive 412 10" and your wife will probably love it.

TR_Irish 12-21-2017 09:19 PM

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So here's pics of what the newbie looks like as it sits in my garage at the moment. All in all not a bad looking bike. I definitely need to replace/rebuild the starter as it is very weak even with my brand new AG battery cranking it. Once its running I will assess from there how far I go and what I'm going to eventually do with it. I figure I'll at least do the Iridium plugs, battery, McInturff wiring, pickup coil mod, ignition coil relay mod and may or may not take the dent out of the fender depending on if she's staying or if she's going up for sale.

There's some subtle differences the older models that I didn't realize before now, like the brake reservoir, cosmetic differences in the foot pegs, etc. Very interesting. Overall though it is surprisingly clean and only has a hair over 10k on it.

OleDirtyDoc 12-21-2017 10:46 PM

she's purdy

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