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FastHamFreddy 02-03-2017 01:12 PM

Right blinkers & Tail/Running/Brake light
So I have gotten my bike mechanically sound (knock on wood) and she is riding perfectly.

I am wanting to get some different blinkers, and am going to put on a side mounted plate. The side mounted plate will be the plate light, as well as the running/brake light. However I may have ordered a mount with light prematurely, I am not sure will hook up correctly.

The brake/running light has I ordered has 3 wires. Which is what I thought I read somewhere on here I was suppose to order. However the stock running/brake light on my bike has a harness that goes to a female end, and clips into a male end with 3 prongs in it. Will this new brake/running/plate (whatever you want to call it) work on my bike? If so what wires do I need to pull apart to get running correctly.

There are also two wires to hook up the plate light.

My other question. is regarding the blinkers. My blinkers were working fine when I took everything apart, however all of a sudden my right blinkers do nothing. I turn the left blinker on (with no blinkers plugged in) and I get the fast blink that would be expected. But if I turn on the right blinkers it does nothing. There is no clicking noise, or blinking on the dash. I tried plugging in the right front and rear blinkers and seem to get the same thing. Not blinking or anything.

Like an idiot I did not take photos of the wires before I took it all off, so i am just guess and checking, but I can get the front left blinker working by plugging in the black and grey strip wire into the black and yellow wire that goes to the wiring harness, and the red wire into the green/teal wire that goes to the harness. I think the solid black wire (third wire on the front blinker) goes into one of the blue wires to make it a running light.

As always any feedback is very much appreciated! I dont want to start cutting up the wire harness until I am sure I can get this to work.

Thanks in advance!

Knifemaker 02-03-2017 02:18 PM

Wiring diagram here:

See post for high res. diagram.

Rear turn signals are only two wires, positive and ground.
Can't say why one side works other than burned out bulbs, or a dirty switch. A fast blink on one side is usually because the other side is burned out.

FastHamFreddy 02-06-2017 04:27 PM

Thanks Knifemaker!

The diagram helps ith the tail light!

As for the blinker the issue isnt a blown bulb.

After I took all the blinkers off the bike, the issue started. If I go to turn the left blinkers on the left blinkers work fine. If they are plugged in they work, if they are not I just get the fast passed blinking on the dash, which is to be expected.

However if I go to turn the right blinkers on, with the blinkers plugged in or not, nothing happens. No fast blinking, no normal blinking, not on the dash and not in the blinkers (front and back).

Any thoughts what could be causing this?

Thanks again!

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