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Ron_G 08-03-2008 09:54 PM

Man What A Blast!!!
So finally after taking my MSF course, getting my endorsement, and fartin around with the bike to get it running I'm finally on the road. I went out for about an hour yesterday and today and am finally getting the feel for the bike.


It's taken me about 35 years to get back on a bike and it's been worth the wait. Now I understand the grin all you guys (and ladies) have been wearing for all these years.

And I can't say enough about this bike. Yes I have little to compare it with but it's nimble, It's got a lot of get up and go and it's very comfortable to ride, (which may be helped by the Mustang seat I have on it). I think I may put a windshield on it if I want to take it on longer rides at higher speeds. Above 50 I can see how a couple of hours of fighting the wind could wear a guy out.

Man I LOVE this!:smiley_th

Crobins365 08-03-2008 10:12 PM

Congrats on a very successful mid-life crisis!! :)

A windshield is a good idea. I've been riding without one for awhile and it's brutal on the highways (I want to turn my head to glance over my shoulder and the wind grabs my helmet and yanks my head around - alarming, and somewhat tiring over time). I'm sure someone here can recommend a good size for ya.

Welcome back to The Road!

rubyrick 08-03-2008 10:16 PM

Hey Ron. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Nothing relieves the stress of the day more than a nice ride in nice weather on a nice cruiser like the VN750. Soooo comfortable to ride.

My neighbor just bought a Suzuki 1000 crotch rocket and we rode together today. After our ride we switched bikes and rode a bit more. Man, was I uncomfortable leaning so forward, holding myself up by my arms and switching gears with my feet so far back. My neighbor remarked how much more comfortable my bike was for a long ride. He's into speed, though... races cars, too.

I am so happy with my 750. It's the perfect bike for me. I know you'll be happier and happier with yours, too. BTW, I strongly recommend taking the experienced rider course, too. It's everything from the beginners class and more, and you use YOUR BIKE. This way you get to work on the figure 8's and other maneuvers using your own bike. Nothing beats mastering your own controls.

Enjoy your bike my friend. And enjoy this forum. Lots of great advice from some very experienced VN owners.

750Doug 08-03-2008 10:21 PM

Congrat's Ron!

davet 08-03-2008 10:36 PM


Well done on getting back on the road with 2 wheels. The VN is a lot of fun, very nimble with a good low down range of power, very easy on the gear changes. My other 2 wheel love is my VFR750, totally different but fun in a totally different way.

I now split my riding time between the 2 bikes, depending how I feel. If a I want a leasurerly cruise along out comes the VN, if I want a bit of a blast I take the VFR.

If I go on a long trip I would take the VFR, I find it more comfortable riding position with the arms leaning down. With the VN I find the arms up position a bit uncomfortable. The other issue with the VN is the small fuel tank with the VFR I have 18litres of fuel and can easily travel 200 miles between stops. The other nice thing on the VFR is the noise made when you get her on the open road, besides the nice exhaust note there is the whine from the gear driven cam shafts, very different and noticeable and so nice not to have any cam chains to worry about, no adjusters, no wear, nice.

The VN is great for taking my nieces and nephews for a ride around, the seat is alot better for them. On Saturday I had 3 of them over for a ride, great fun and they are all very good on the back. Jacket, helmet and gloves on and off we go.

But after all that get out and enjoy the VN and the open road, thats where it is the best.

Glenn M 08-03-2008 10:55 PM

Way to go Ron :smiley_th

Back in the old days, I said anyone that road with a windshield, was a WUSS.
Then I got tired of holding myself on my bike against the wind.
I broke down and bought a small sport windshield for my 700 and it made all the difference in the world. It took all the wind pressure off off my chest so I didn't have that death grip on the handle bars, just to stay on the bike. Plus like Cindy said, you can look around without the wind bucking your head all over the place.
Just watch-out for all the Idiots out there and have fun.

Ron_G 08-04-2008 08:33 AM


Originally Posted by Glenn M (Post 65682)
... Just watch-out for all the Idiots out there and have fun.

Already had my first Idiot encounter. Riding through my neighborhood with cars parked on both sides of the street. Narrow but passable for 2 cars and some clown coming from the other direction decides he's going to take his half of the street out of the middle. Fortunately I had space to slip into a gap in the parked cars to let him pass. Low speed incident but none the less it reinforced the lesson that you can never trust the other clown. Most of them aren't fit to drive.


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