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fadro 06-08-2008 09:30 PM

charging problem
i have 86 vulcan that don't keep the battery charged i did all the tests they all are good but it still don"t charge. i've notice the ground wires get real hot do they normaly get hot and if not could this be the reason the battery is not charging.

kay 06-08-2008 09:56 PM

First check the rectifier. It could be bad..(batteries don't much like receiving alternating current) then try cleaning your ground connections both at the battery and the frame.
And make them tight and clean. If this doesn't help then look for a short (+wire melted and partially touching metal) failing that ...look at replacing the battery (bad cell)

fadro 06-09-2008 01:17 PM

frist of all thanks kay i thought i did all of the test but i tested r/r ground wire while it was running and it was putting out 5.2 v . but the guy that i bought it from cut the plug wired it individual wires the clymer book i have shows the diagram but witch one is witch a1 a2 a3 iknow them then it has g,m,b on the bottem row is g - ground m - ? b - battery may the guy before me got them backwards .. maybe i shouldn't have bought it but it was just 700$ and it runs good carbs a little dirty but this dang charging problem

ChrisC 06-09-2008 02:13 PM

a1,2,3 are the yellow wires from the stator. B, battery, is the white wire. M, monitor, is the brown wire (switched power). G, ground, is the black wire.

Sky Rider 06-09-2008 07:41 PM

A 1,2, and 3 can be plugged in in no particular order as it is 3 phase AC. The R/R smooths this to DC and regulates it for the bike to run and charge the battery.

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