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AngryBob 07-13-2014 01:54 PM

Highway pegs on engine guard question
So, been looking thru previous threads after I obtained an engine guard from Ndr to try to find a suitable set of highway pegs.

Asbrand seems to have a Wingerline guard, and in pics I saw he was using a set of less expensive universal pegs bolted right to the bar - I can get a set like I see in the pics from $25 to $35 locally, depending on style.

Chuck A. seems to have a F&S guard, like I just got, and he's using a set of the Kuryaken ones that go for like $110.

I'm assuming - from the look of the pics - that the Wingerline bar extends out laterally much further, so we get the proper comfort offset from the existing pedals? And if I used the inexpensive universal pegs on a F&S it wouldn't really offer the comfort of a proper setup?

I'm 6'1" and 260lbs if it makes a difference. Thoughts/opinions? Modification fever is starting to bite into my wallet, and if I can do things less expensively (without access to a metal fabrication shop) I'd like to go that route. But spending $35 for something that won't work for me isn't optimal, either. Thanks!

slimvulcanrider 07-13-2014 05:54 PM

The cheaper pegs will work just fine on the KF&S bar... that is what I ran for a few seasons before getting hit with the chopper bug

Goofyfoot2001 07-14-2014 10:57 AM

Gota have highway pegs. Man, that is the key to comfy cruising.

kyledk 07-14-2014 01:10 PM

I'm having some trouble finding highway pegs as well..

I have the engine guard on my bike but If i put pegs on it my heels will be riding on the control levers, size 15 has a hard time fitting.

VampV 07-15-2014 09:35 AM

Hey i have size 13-14's..and i just fabricated and welded a set of pegs on my highway bar. Its not pretty, but its functional and built for me...... love them!! Especially when my last set of hi $ Kur's broke and fell off after hitting a set of RR tracks. Yes welding is a commitment.....but ... you can always get a new crash bar.

OlHossCanada 07-15-2014 08:14 PM

Some of the cheaper highway pegs may difficult to tighten the clamp enough to prevent turning/slipping around the engine guard pipe when riding. You might try shimming it with a wrap of inner tube rubber, or electrician's tape. Alternatively drill a small hole through clamp strap and pipe, then lock the peg in place with a screw.

AngryBob 07-15-2014 10:15 PM

thanks all - took the advice and I will try the less expensive ones first. Already have an old tire inner tube ready to cut up to put between the bar and the peg clamps - that's my project for later this week/weekend while I come up with a priority list for mods I want to do to the bike.

Once again I'm very happen I found this place, we've got a bunch of friendly knowledgeable and helpful people here, and I greatly appreciate that.

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