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AJCruzin 10-29-2007 11:51 AM

Cable routing
Hey everyone - sorry to be so needy....

I am in the process of replacing anything that is questionable (IMHO) on my 96. One of the things I noticed in my inspection is that the speedo cable is being smooshed (is that a word) between the steering neck (bottom triple clamp) and the neck cover. In the process this is also putting pressure on the clutch cable. I have rerouted the clutch cable behind the neck cover, so that problem is solved. My question is - where should the speedo be routed? It doesn't seem like it should be where it is. Again, this is only my opinion, and I have very little experience with this particuilar bike, but it seems that the speedo should not run where it does. Anyone have a pic of hte speedo cable routing on their bike? I've already ordered all new cables (speedo/clutch/throttle) and would prefer to have them routed correctly so they do not get damaged as well.

THanks in advance!

Rubber side up.

Crobins365 10-29-2007 05:20 PM

I'm not staring at my bike at the moment, but am pretty sure that the speedo cable runs straight down to the front wheel. Shouldn't be smooshed at all. Most of the other cables (incl. throttle) work their way up against the "necK" (behind that cover).

AJCruzin 10-30-2007 02:41 PM

Thanks. Being to obsessive person that I am I spent a good deal of time last night searching for images of the Vulcan. I found that the most popular pose for the old girl is a right side profile. Fortunately I found several good pics (even one from Bulldog's site) of the left side, and it looks like the cable actually should be on the outside of the bottom clamp. The original owner must have changed the location or done some kind of work and forgot how to route it.

Crobins365 10-30-2007 11:56 PM

I'll take some pics tomorrow and post 'em in the gallery. I've got the "before" (Orleans) and "after" (McKnight) versions, so they may be helpful (or not, if I've routed the cables wrong myself!).

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