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TxGypsy 08-09-2007 01:36 AM

Adventure or comic tragedy?
I had to make a run to the bank yesterday. This is probably more of an ordeal for me than to ya'll. The bank is about 80 miles away. Well of course I decided to take the vulcan. The first half of the trip is flat straight-a-ways and the second half is hilly twisties. Have I mentioned that I live in paradise? :pepper: Things start out ok. I had half a tank of gas. I figure no problem...I've been zooming around everywhere on a half tank of gas and it goes forever. I learned many things yesterday. The main one is that the second half of the tank doesn't do the same number of miles as the first half! I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm heading through the huge big bend valley. Unfortunately it is mexican grasshopper season. These things are between 4-6 inches long....and all over the highway. I'm still trying to dig all the grasshopper parts out of my engine! I get through the valley and start into the hills.....BAM!... I took a roadrunner to the chest. Ouch! So now I have grasshopper guts all over me and some assorted feathers. About this time I notice that my gas gauge is reading E. Huh? how did that happen! I decided to pull over at the next little picnic area and put it on reserve. I turn the switch and start out again. By the time I got to the top of the hill my bike died. Sooooo I'm walking along in the middle of NOTHING pushing my bike up a hill hoping that I don't run into a really hungry mountain lion or some deranged human. 20 minutes pass before I see a car. Thanks goodness it's a border patrol officer. We visit for a minute and he looks down at my gas switch. He says...how about you turn the gas on. He turned the switch all the way around the other way. Ya ever wish the earth would just open and swallow ya up? I misread the arrows and turned my gas off rather than to reserve. Sure enough it fired up. I made it into town on fumes. Got gas and made it to the bank with 3 minutes to spare. My bike was running weird. Finally realised that I had left the choke on half way when I was trying to start it. Get everything of a bike related manner straightened out and I'm looking forward to the reverse trip. I get about 10 miles out of town and I'm forcefully reminded that this is the monsoon season. Before I ride again I will possess a good pair of gloves, a rainsuit and some rain-x for my visor! Rain on bare knuckles feels like stings! I decided to tough it out. The bottom dropped out and the wind picked up. There was so much rain that my boots got full of water. I came up to the border patrol checkpoint. Wouldn't ya know it....the same nice young man was there. Ya could tell he was struggling not to die laughing. I'm sure I looked like an unhappy drowned cat. I finally pushed on through 5 more miles of rain before it let up. Then all I had to do was dodge 3 javelina, 2 mule deer and a few thousand more mexican grasshoppers....piece of cake. By the time I got home I looked like I had some sort of exotic leprosy from all the bug splats. I think I have now moved beyond the realm of bare beginner and entered a new level of motorcycle savvy.

theauhawk 08-09-2007 02:07 AM

I would say it was more of an outright comedy......:D

If you don't already have a serious windshield of some sort, after this experience, I hope you'll consider getting one.

And.....with all due respect, since your bike is an '06, you might also spend some more time with your bike's owner's manual.

Simon 08-09-2007 08:20 AM

The gas indicator thinks the tank is straight sided, but actually its tapered, so when the tank is full the first gallon represents the distance the needle has to travel in the white space off the gauge to where is gets onto the printed dial. The second gallon is about the distance from the Full sign to the half way mark and the last gallon is from the half way mark to the Empty sign. There is a spare half gallon somewhere - but it certainly isn't in the bottom half of the dial. If you get to your destination and use the first half of the tank - there is no way you will get home again on the second half.
Having your boots fill with water is one of the subtle joys of riding in the rain. Stand proud on the moral high ground and look down on those fair weather cissies who never get wet. Unfortunately this can pall with repeated experience and your boots get pretty doggy. Get some leathers with zips at the bottom of the trousers. When it rains you stop, get the trousers out of your boots, undo the zips and leave them outside your boots.
Wax your leathers well with beeswax stuff that horseriders use on their saddles, However, really heavy rain will penetrate in time; but the joys of wet boots are nothing to the feeling of triumph when you turn up somewhere is soggy leathers. Children stop and stare, men step aside and women fall into your arms. Even your mother in law retreats into silence with a curious kind of grudging respect she can't quite conceal. If you ever do fit a windshield, fire a couple of bullet holes through it and people won't laugh at the roadrunner feathers.
Good luck

curtis97322 08-09-2007 10:39 AM

Another recommendation for the beeswax/tree oil shoe stuff. My 2 year old redwings are just starting to look like crap (the treads have been getting bare for a while) and I've rode every day, wore the boots every day - rain, shine, even ice once.

Turning up somewhere soaking wet definitely does get looks -- though I'm not sure they're looks of respect <g>.

GoUglyEarly 08-09-2007 02:03 PM

What, you didn't even hit an Armadillo? LMAO...Definitely a comedy!

hyperbuzzin 08-09-2007 02:26 PM

Sounds like a heck of a ride.

Good to hear ya finally made it to your destination, and back.

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