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eusjma 09-20-2011 01:20 PM

My First Poker Run
I rode my first poker run last weekend. Actually, I didn't so much care about the poker run just the ride itself. This was the longest ride I've made so far (only owned the bike 6 weeks or so). The round trip was about 180 miles - 90% of it was 2-lane country roads. Definitely some introductory experiences for me.

One being the feeling of a Semi in the opposite late passing at 70 MPH. I thought I was going to fly off the back of the bike !! :)

Wind in general - I have ridden at 70 mph before but the sustained riding was obviously different. Plus we had a lot of winds coming from different directions that would show up - when topping a hill, clearing trees, etc - that I felt I was constantly compensating for instead of riding in "a straight line". I thought I was the only one but a friend told me he felt the same. I don't have a windshield yet but wondered if it actually helps.

Coming up on a big hump/gouge in the road that I couldn't avoid was a surprise. It actually shifted me in my seat some.

Lastly - in the middle of nowhere - my bike started to lope. I was proud of myself that I actually managed to switch the petcock to Reserve while maintaining some speed (maybe not too smart). But then I was reeeaaallly worried I was going to be pushing the vulcan along. Gas stations were very scarce where we were. Luckily we came upon one and I didn't have to push it in. I probably had more in the take than I thought (although it did start to miss again during some left/right curves - I assume from the gas moving around). That was definitely a learning experience - make sure I have the tank completely full and map out gas stations before I leave.

Anyway - not a long ride I know but my longest so far. It was definitely fun. I'm hoping to do it again soon

eusjma 09-20-2011 01:21 PM

By the way - this ride was in North Texas (north of DFW)

hot_rod_hippie 09-20-2011 01:26 PM

180 miles isn't a bad first run. Glad you got out and enjoyed it. If you're in a poker run and expecting more than a good ride, you need to re-evaluate your vision of poker runs :smiley_th

We just had a toy run up here in the OK panhandle over the weekend. It was only about a 70 mile ride, but was perfect weather. I rode dad's 1100 Kawa with sidecar. My oldest (4-year-old) daughter provided weight for the hack. She had a blast, and wasn't ready to stop when we reached the end.

eusjma 09-20-2011 04:21 PM

Sidecar!! don't see that much. That's cool.

And 4 years old? that's great. My 9 year old son always wants to go for a ride. I've taken him around the neighborhood a couple times. I guess I'm not that comfortable/confident yet. Plus - I don't really have the proper gear for him yet.

hot_rod_hippie 09-20-2011 04:29 PM

Dad bought the bike/car from a friend of mine because mom has vertigo issues (not fun when your passenger gets wobbly). John had it from when his kids were younger. His youngest is 10 and big enough to ride on the back safely. We got his old youth size helmets.

I don't have a problem with the kids riding, but protective gear is a must (by law and brains). We started Taylor sitting on mommy's lap, then around town by herself. A bit bolder every ride. She knows the rules:

1. Don't touch anything outside the car.
2. Butt on the seat at all times.
3. Helmet behind the windshield.

Couple more years and she'll get her own bike (figure she should figure out the pedal version first).

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