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fatboytp 01-24-2011 12:05 PM

No Start
I just pu a 90 vn750 that hasnt been started in a year and i cant get it started bought a new battery new plugs, fires once in awhile .( how much choke should i use for start up)

new to this bike any help would be nice .....

flitecontrol 01-24-2011 12:36 PM

Welcome to the forum.

Carbs are probably varnished up if it wasn't stored with Sea Foam in it. Get rid of the old gas in the tank and carb (drain screw on both carbs). Refill the carbs with straight Sea Foam and let sit 24-48 hours. I get used syringes, without the needle, from my vet for this. When you put fresh fuel in the tank, add 8 ounces of Sea Foam to it. Drain the sea Foam from the carb before trying to start it. If it still won't start, you are probably looking at pulling and cleaning the carbs.

A good cold weather starting technique is to crank it until it starts to fire and immediately give it full choke. Keep the left hand on the choke lever and be ready. An AGM battery has more CCA than a standard wet cell, and won't leak acid all over your battery box mounted electronics. Iridium plugs also help with cold and hot starting problems. They are pricey, but will last 100,000 miles or more and are cheap in the long run.

Read the Vulcan Verses section of the forum and lube your driveshaft splines asap with Honda Moly 60 grease!

fatboytp 01-24-2011 01:20 PM

no start
thanks alot i'll try it out and see !!

Old Dog 01-24-2011 07:29 PM

In cold weather I always had to strangle the heck out of mine, then ease off as she began to run smoother w/a bit of over rev. ...
Have a good one...Old Dog...

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