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hctublerub 01-04-2011 02:35 AM

Picked up a VN750, put it in the back of my Ranger and used the tie-downs that came with the truck, two up at the front of the bed and two at the rear. The straps had rubber coated hooks. The bike was centered on the bed of truck with the front tire against front of the bed and the bike resting on the side stand. The hooks were attached to the handle bars close to the bar clamps and tied to the front tie-downs. The rear tire was secured between the two rear tie-downs. The straps were ratcheted securely and I had no problems on the 1200 mile trip to the house. There were steep hills and bumpy roads. The hooks did not mar the handle bars.

I did worry about the strength of the tie-downs. They are bolted to the side of the bed. But after the trip I noticed no signs of stress on the tie downs. At no point in the 1200 miles did I have to tighten the straps after the initial tightening at the beginning of the trip.

If there was a problem I thought it would come from the bike weight being to far back over the rear axle. The springs did look a little flat. But once the bike was unloaded things got back to normal.

LibertyPilot 01-04-2011 12:39 PM

You may want to consider something like this:


It just makes absolutely sure there's equal pressure down on either side of the bike by equally compressing the forks. I transported my 750 from Long Island to Philly in the rain with no problems at all. Then do one ratchet strap across the seat (with padding in between) and your golden!

Old Dog 01-04-2011 02:58 PM

Been a while since I used mine, but I did something that eliminated the soft chords to wrap around for protection, darn CRS, I may have cut the hooks off one end and looped that around the upper fork section, can't remember for sure but look at yours, that might work...
I always just centered my bike, put it on the side stand, and installed the left side strap just near snug then went to the right side and strapped it till I was verticle or about 1/2 fork compression, put the side stand up, 1/2 arse did the rear, and away...lol...
BTW-My Silverado ext cab has factory tie downs in all 4 corners... I load and unload with a folding ramp, and the ramp stores folded flat beside the bike in the bed...
Have a good one...Old Dog...

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