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tvanden 11-27-2009 04:21 PM

1994 750 Windshield ADVICE!
Recently bought a beautiful 1994 750 with only 1200 miles on it!. Trying to dress it up a little and am looking for a windshield. I have looked at many of them on the internet. Some say I need an adapter kit for my turn signals, many say they don't fit an older 750 - I don't know what will fir/look nice. Anybody with this year Vulcan have a windshield they really like?
Thanks, Tom

M_Angell 11-27-2009 05:02 PM

I have an '06 and i have a slip streamer spitfire on mine and i like it.
check here

OlHossCanada 11-27-2009 05:03 PM

Welcome to the Vulcan madness tvanden. I see this is your first post. You should go to the newbie checkin and tell us a little about yourself and your bike. Also go to the user cp at the top of the page and fill in your profile, and signature line. That stuff will show on every post you make and remind us where you are and whatever you tell us about the bike.

As far a windshields, if you find one for any vn750, it will fit all of them from 1985 to 2006. Not knowing where you live, I don`t know if you ride year around, or are a seasonal rider with a few months of winter and ice to stop the riding.

If you go to the Equiptment forum I think you will find some threads on windshields, ranging from "flyscreens" to deflect bugs in summer, to big "Fats" style, "tombstone" shaped ones like you see on the big cruisers. I have one of these and like it, but it blocks too much wind in hot weather riding when it is nice to have more cooling breeze. Mine does not interfer with the turn signals, but I have heard that some shields do.

The PF 2 and 3 are other options, and are shaped more like a clear fairing, and offer more protection to your hands in cool weather riding. The PF3 has extensions at the bottom that act as "lowers", to deflect air from your legs and lower body.

Also try the search feature at the top of the page, with words like Windshield, PF2, PF3, etc. and see what you can find.

robardin 11-27-2009 06:46 PM

Here are some pics of four windshields I've put on a VN750. The red one is a 1994 one just like yours, but for windshield purposes any VN700/750 1985-2006 will mount and look pretty much the same.

1 - A VN750 with a National Cycle Deflector DX screen, which mounts to the handlebars:


Which is low profile and sporty, but does crowd the instrument cluster:


2 - I also tried the larger National Cycle Street Shield EX, but I didn't like the mounting system:


Like the Deflector shield, it mounts without having to move the turn signals, but because it's bigger than the Deflector, it needs both handlebar AND lower mounting points that are ball-and-socket arms looped to the forks and affixed to the windshield with glue. Which came off after a month or so of riding. I sent the shield back, got a replacement shield and it happened again.

At that point I said to heck with it, if I'm going for a shield larger than the Deflector I'm going to bite the bullet and get a Memphis Shades one and just move the turn signals.

3 - Here's the Memphis Slim 17" windshield (I think the "Fats" is too fat):


Yes, you'll need to relocate the turn signals, but really it's pretty easy. I was pretty much a total newbie at this sort of thing and I did it in less than 2 hours. I did need to shim the clamps though, they were too loose -- I ended up using some electrical tape wound around the forks to thicken them up a bit.

4 - Maybe it's because I was used to the Deflector shield but I found the 17" windshield too high. I exchanged it for the 15" height, which I like a lot:


I like how mounting the windshield off the front instead of the bars gives a nicer view of the instrument cluster, especially when I tried adding a GPS:


rckmtn 11-27-2009 09:31 PM

I have a PF3 and a Spitfire. My thinking was to put on the smaller shield in the summer. Lots of rain this summer so I left the PF3 on. The spitefire does a adequate job of wind/bug deflection in the summer but I found I liked the larger PF3 for the early am rides to work. The PF3 worked great with the lowers and hand protectors. In Wy. the temps can get pretty low in the mornings but with the PF3 I don't have to wear a heavy jacket or gloves. I'll probably be selling my new Spitfire (bought it to replace my old used one) at the start of next years riding season.

cglennon 11-28-2009 12:14 PM

Just added a National Cycle Deflector (base model, not the DX version). This is considered a deflector at 14" tall, not a full windshield. I like the look and it does protect my body (I'm 5'9"-ish in height) from the wind (my #1 goal for buying), but I haven't found the right rake angle to prevent buffeting around my head. Also,
  • I can easily see over the shield (my #2 goal for buying)
  • Available on eBay for about 1/2 price (I paid $40/delivered)
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Looks sporty (very similar to the custom NC version for the VN750)
  • Available in clear or tinted
  • Very light with strong mounting hardware
  • NC has a DX models designed for quick release
Now I just have to find the right rake angle for my height.

Hiker 11-28-2009 02:52 PM

I love my PF3

Ron_G 11-28-2009 05:53 PM

Ditto on the PF3 especially this time of year. I ride without the windshield in the warm weather but like the PF3 for the winter months. I ride year round and have found I can ride comfortably all winter with the PF3 on.

junkyardroad 11-28-2009 09:57 PM

Plexifairing 3 for me too. Cruising at altitude requires good protection. No mods required, bolted on in 15 minutes.

rckmtn 11-29-2009 11:12 AM

Ditto on that altitude protection--leave the flatlands (6K) at 75 degrees and be at 12K in less than an hour temps can drop to <40 degrees.

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