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MMMotorcycle 06-16-2019 05:52 PM

Oil in plugs
Hello all,
I just posted a thread in the introductory section to introduce myself. I've searched the forums for my particular problem and have not been able to find the answer so I'm hoping you all can help.

Last week I did the acct to mcct conversion that a lot of you have done and until yesterday afternoon the bike was running better than ever. My wife and I went on a short ride, then went for dinner. After dinner, the bike would not start easily, and when I got it started it backfired and popped in first and second gear. When I was in 3rd and 4th gear it had more power and less popping. Every time I came to a stop or slowed down the bike would die or almost die.
There was a strong smell of gas, but I couldn't see any leakage once I got home and parked. The rear plugs are wet with gas, and the front plugs are wet with what I believe is oil and not carbon.
Any chance this is related to the mcct conversion?

Knifemaker 06-16-2019 07:23 PM

I doubt your installation of the mcct has anything to do with this, especially after you said the bike was running great.

My first guess is a stuck float, causing fuel to run into your intake. Check for gas in the oil. So try the back-blow method and some seafoam.

MMMotorcycle 06-16-2019 11:22 PM

What are your thoughts about the oil on the front plugs? I am worried it's a seal. Would that happen seemingly out of nowhere?

Knifemaker 06-17-2019 02:19 PM

I think once you get the motor running properly again it will go away. Piston walls are oiled and if you get too much fuel in the combustion chamber it can wash the oil off and deposit it on the plugs (and valves)
The only way for oil (and just oil) to foul a plug is if the rings are severely worn or you have a valve that's not sealing. You'd likely notice this by loss of power, or by doing a compression check.

MMMotorcycle 06-17-2019 03:23 PM

Ok, thanks so much. I have been afraid that I was going to be pulling out the engine. I'm going to do a compression check tomorrow. I'll do what you suggested first. I hope that's all it is. It would certainly explain oil and gas on the plugs at the same time and the strong smell of gas while riding. I also have a 98 Sportster and am not keen on resorting to riding that with my wife on the back.

MMMotorcycle 06-17-2019 10:49 PM

So I cleaned the plugs and did the back blow to the carbs. I was able to start it and drive it a while with seafoam in the tank but it is still having trouble in first and second gears. Sounds and acts almost normal in higher gears. Still lots of noise coming from the right tail pipe. Looks like gas coming out of the pipe also. Strangely the rpms are erratic now.

Spockster 06-18-2019 12:00 AM

Dirty pilot jet(s) maybe. Or dirty carbs all around, stuck float.

MMMotorcycle 06-18-2019 10:44 AM

Looks like im pulling the carbs and if i do that I might as well do the ear shave. Last time i rebuilt the carbs i did it with the surge tank in place. That was not much fun. Thanks for the advice people! I will need more.

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VN750Rider/Jerry 06-18-2019 10:16 PM

First do a compression check. That will confirm or eliminate low compression as a problem. No sense in doing a lot of work for nothing. If the compression is ok, then I would completely disassemble and clean the carbs. If you have never worked on Vulcan 750 carbs before, they are very different than most carbs. They are basically 2 carbs designed as a single assembly, the float chamber is all one piece. I advise against doing the earshave thing, but that's up to you. I have found that reinstalling the carbs with the stock airbox is not as difficult as many say.

I see no way that replacing the cam chain tensioners could possibly have anything to do with the problems you are describing. How did you do the cam chain tensioners? Did you use the TOC tensioners, or did you convert the ACCTs to MCCTs? I highly recommend and use the TOC tensioners.

MMMotorcycle 06-18-2019 10:36 PM

Hey thank you for the response. I rebuilt these carbs a couple of years ago. I had a frustratingly difficult time getting them back in with the surge tank in the bike. I'm interested to know why you don't recommend the ear shave procedure. My reticence to do it is particulates. Is there an engine performance drawback?

I did my own mcct conversion based on what I read in these forums. I didn't JB weld a 10mm nut inside the housing. I was pretty uneasy about adjusting the screw to be honest. The bike was running great after I did the conversion but I can't say I could hear a difference with 2 or 3 turns in or out.

Is the TOC housing the primary reason to use their conversion?

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