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TeamGreen 11-08-2018 05:33 AM

busted tranny
had a project bike. 2001 750. rebuild carb. replaced batt. replaced fuel line. no drag, was barely any scraping then going down hwy 4th gear 65+ whole tranny just bust...... i can hear tiny metal bits... whats this gonna tear into me?
oh and 28,000 miles. plz say old and i can upgrade a racing tranny

ruger 11-08-2018 05:17 PM

are we talking 5 speeds of Neutral here?

TeamGreen 11-08-2018 09:30 PM

yes wer are. talked to a mechanic today, he said more than likely clutch went out, possible driveshaft busted. like less than 300 for all including labor. sooo, im feeling very relieved

Thorn 11-08-2018 11:59 PM

Sounds like a great price.

michiganteddybear 11-09-2018 07:43 AM

spline between drive shaft and rear gear.

the transmissions on these are solid (other than the shift rod issues earlier years may have had). possible clutch problem, but new parts for that (other than disks, friction plates, springs) are pricey.

Spockster 11-09-2018 08:51 AM

Agreed, rear splines a very good possibility. 20 minutes to pull the rear wheel and final drive, and you'll know.

edit: Alternative to pulling the final drive .... Peel back the rubber boot, at the front of drive shaft behind bevel gear case, watch the drive shaft while spinning the rear wheel. Or engage 1st gear, let the clutch out while watching drive shaft.

I had a hard time getting that boot back on, took two of us.

ruger 11-09-2018 02:55 PM

I was thinking rear splines too.....note the year of the vn750..."2001".....

kryptonianjorel 11-10-2018 01:07 AM


Originally Posted by ruger (Post 1269847)
I was thinking rear splines too.....note the year of the vn750..."2001".....

I'd put my money here too

TeamGreen 12-22-2018 09:49 PM

ok so a mechanic had it for a month, didnt even bother to really look it over. anyways it only stays in neutral, will start and run just fine. will not engage into any gears. theres no oil in reservoir, pretty sure theres a hole in it somewhere. are we talking just a busted clutch assembly? he didnt want to take apart the engine which he'll have too to get to the bottom part? idk im not buying another bike. its mine out right, what can i do to combat this situation?

michiganteddybear 12-23-2018 07:32 AM

take it too another mechanic. any mechanic who takes a month to even barely look at it is not interested in really fixing the bike. also so, there is no oil in reservoir?? and he is running the engine?? since the engine oil IS the oil for the transmission, clutch and everything else there, he dont know what the hell he is doing.

to check the following items it should take a total of an hour...

rear splines, about 20 mins using the pull rear tire and final drive method.
clutch, about 20 mins, maybe less. this is only 6 or 8 bolts, and only one is SLIGHTLY hard to get too due to exhaust pipe.

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