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readparse 09-15-2018 09:58 PM

First flat tire during a ride. Not as bad as it could have been
I got my first flat tire, while riding, a couple of days ago. I have Ride-On in my front tire, but like a moron, I didn't put it in my rear tire. I don't have a good reason why. Well, I do have a reason, but not a good one. It's because that tire is new, and the front tire is old, and I was more worried about the front.

Anyway, I ran over something, I guess. There wasn't anything still in the tire, but it had a decent sized hole in it when I inspected it. Fortunately, I wasn't out of town yet (I was headed the some rural roads out of town). I called an Uber, which took me home (for about ten bucks). Got in my truck, went to the auto parts store and bought a tire repair kit and a little inflator that runs off the cigarette lighter. Got back to the bike, plugged the hole, filled it with air, then rode it home (not the ride I was looking for). Then I called another Uber (another 10 bucks), to take me back to my truck. Drove the truck home. All told, probably an hour and a half or more. Not the ride I had wanted, but at least I got a sense of accomplishment, once the bike was safely home, with the tire fixed.

OK, I owe you the full truth. The full truth is that I noticed some discoloration on my rear tire a few days ago. I hadn't ridden the bike in several days. And the last time I rode it, I made the mistake of downshifting during a right turn at a traffic light. That's not a good idea, it turns out. The back wheel kicked out from under me. Probably not much, but more than I have ever experienced before. I felt like I can pretty close to a 10 MPH high side (if such a thing is possible. Probably not, so thank goodness I wasn't going very fast).

Anyway, then over last weekend, as I was still dealing with roof stuff at my house, I just noticed this white-ish spot on the rear tire. Just like anytime you scuff a tire on a car, like on a curb or whatever, I figured it was just from when it kicked out on me. But I certainly should have come in closer and given it a good look. If I had, I may have noticed a hole.

Second confession, this one more important: Checking my tire pressure before that ride two days ago did cross my mind, but I didn't do it. I just visually inspected both tires and they both looked fine (remember, I'm most worried about my front one, but I'm still assuming the rear tire is fine, since it's new). Edit: Wait, that's a lie. I didn't "visually inspect" them. I didn't give them a glance. So I don't know what the pressure was before I left, but 5 or 10 minutes into my ride, that rear tire was flat. I noticed it in the same way you notice a flat tire in car. It just doesn't feel right.

So anyway, some lessons learned: Don't downshift during a turn, closely inspect any abnormality you see on a tire, don't assume that a tire won't fail just because it's relatively new, check tire pressure before every ride, and why not put Ride-On in both tires?

Could have been worse. I'm grateful it was just an inconvenience.

Tedrowcranberry 09-17-2018 07:34 PM

Man! Glad you're ok. I've always wondered what it would feel like to have a tire go flat while riding, so this was a pretty interesting story. Thanks for sharing!

boscoe 09-18-2018 01:21 AM

Thanks for sharing. I've wondered from time to time what a flat or blowout while riding would be like. Sometimes I just "kick" my tires before riding. Probably not a good idea, but if they feel slightly soft, then I "gauge" them. Usually are about 6 lbs low when "kicking" says look further. FWIW.

RetroStereo 09-19-2018 04:40 AM

Dude , thanks so much for the heads up . Just glad you are safe and were able to get home in 1 piece.

Isn't it just Amazing how often our conscience talks to us and we dismiss it as being paranoid or whatnot ? The thing I have learned over the years is that about 8 times out of 10 , listening would've saved me from whatever I was warned about . Crazy world we live in .

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