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06-11-2009 03:43 AM
OlHossCanada Hey Old Dog, as I recall, it was a discussion about your long range shooting that first caused us to become somewhat acquainted. I have been a target pistol shooter for 35 years. Both my Hi Standard .22 and my S&W Model 686, .357 Magnum weigh about 48 oz. empty. Both are great to shoot, but would be hell to carry on a regular basis.

Shooting your little 11.2 oz revolver with fullhouse .357 loads would make a flincher out of a brass monkey. Have you considered practicing with with some light .38 Special, 148 grain full wadcutter rounds? 3.1 grains of Winchester 231 powder will give you a velocity of about 700 ft/sec, or less, out of that short barrel, and the recoil and muzzle blast will be much reduced. It will still not be a fun gun to shoot, but I`ll bet you can shoot a couple of cylinders full, without putting yourself in pain. That seems a reasonable goal to reach, as you carry 5 extra bullets for one reload.

Self defense shooting typically occurs at across the room distances, or less. So set up a silouette target at 20 feet, and grab hold of the tiny S&W with both hands. Center the red laser dot, or your sights, in the center of mass and squeeze off a shot. Repeat as fast as you can re-center the dot and squeeze the trigger, until the gun is empty. Do a speed reload, and repeat. You should be able to cover all 10 holes with a 10 inch pie plate. Try the same drill again at 10 feet and at 5 feet.

Then try this drill at three feet, close enough for an assailant to grab for your gun. Draw the gun with your strong hand and put your other hand straight out against the target, while pivoting your body and gun hand away from the target. With your gun and hand close to your body, as if to prevent it being snatched, fire five shots into the center of mass as fast as you can.

When you can consistently keep all your shots in the center of mass, you might want to try it again with some warmer .38 Special loads, or some of the specialty self defence and/or frangible loads. With some sub caliber training practice with the little revolver, you may be better prepared and protected with one or another of the many .38 Special loads, than you are with a fullpower .357 Magnum load that dishes out almost equal punishment on both ends.

This is a training method that Massad Ayoob recommended in his book "The Truth About Self Defence". He is a former NYC PD officer, and currently teaches other police officers how to survive the mean streets, at his own training facility.

I know every article that I have read about arming yourself for serious social encounters, advocates running several hundreds of rounds through the gun, to assure yourself of its reliability. This also has the tendency to smooth any rough spots in the action.

I have no doubt that you know far more than I do about firearms, especially long range precision shooting. However that disipline has virtually nothing in common with the guns, skills and tactics needed to survive a close range personal attack. I hope you will take these ideas and suggestions in the spirit of friendship and concern for your safety and well being, in which they are given. I pray that you will enjoy many thousands more miles, with the wind in your face, while seated on "Clydes" back, and never an occasion when you feel the need to call upon the sevices of misters Smith and Wesson. Peace brother, OlHoss
06-10-2009 07:56 PM
6204 i saw a guy on a honda something, a cruiser, probably a shadow, anyways, his license plate was "BACKOFF"
06-10-2009 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by Fire Ant View Post
If I'm being tailgated, I'll generally just start weaving back and forth in the lane. Normally, that gets their attention and they back off. Whether they're backing off because they realize that they're too close or because they're questioning my sanity has yet to be determined.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter which, cause you get the same end result.
06-09-2009 07:41 PM
Old Dog Put some ElectroPods performance accent brake lighting on the bike today, well finished today... The guy I rode behind going to KY & W.Va. had them on his BMW and I liked them, I got a set, $27 and finished up today... There is 2 pods ea. with 8 LEDs ea. and when hooked up to the brake light wiring they flash on & off pretty bright, they got my attention when following the BMW...
The box says something like Streetfx ElectroPods or something like that...
I made a bracket that fastens to the license plate holder with the pods backset 1/2" and the wires go through the R fender just below the license plate light, but be sure you drill below the wires for the light as they are down a bit...
If someone wants a print of the bracket PM your email and I can send it, or if someone wants to post it...
Have a good one...Old Dog...
06-08-2009 08:04 AM
Old Dog OK AZ, now try holding that pistol grip 12ga Mossberg streight arm one handed and squeezing off a 1-1/4 oz. load and you will get about the same effect on the hand, wrist and forearm as a full round in this near weightless 11oz Rev. ... I'll bet you don't do the second round...lol... (BTW-I did that once several years ago, never did it again...lol...)
I don't care for revolvers either (especially shooting them), but for cycle carry this 5 shot 11 ouncer would be hard to beat, about 10 rounds in the oposite pocket balances out very well in my carry vest...BTW-I love that vest but can't get the site up any more, don't know what happened to them, they were over in Gadsden or I think Guntersville Alabama, can't remember which...
Matter of fact I don't care for most pistols, the only pistols I like to shoot are my custom XP-100s which will group 5 shots from benchrest @ 100 or 200 yds. better that 99.9% of rifles... But they have 16" Bbls. and don't fit in the pocket very well...lol...
As to the practicing, as I said above I agree with you in most all cases, I personally just don't want to shoot this weightless piece of crap till necessary, end of story...
Have a good one...Old Dog...
06-07-2009 11:04 PM
asbrand 'eh...to each their own.

I *personally* wouldn't carry anything I hadn't put hundreds of rounds through. That's just my unsolicited opinion. *grin*

Never really been a revolver fan. I prefer my 1911 (.45 acp) or my Makarov (9x18).

I keep a 12ga Mossburg 500 in the bedroom. Pistol grip only, no buttstock. I fired 5 rounds through it. Was enough for me. Talk about wrist pain...!
06-06-2009 10:12 AM
flitecontrol Needing a gun in a pinch, I borrowed another guys .357 and shot it. Once. I wasn't sure who was hurt worst; the target or me. My hand and ears both tingled. Took quite a while before I could hear normally. As part of my job, I later carried a K (?) frame SS S&W .357 with 4" barrel loaded with .38 special +p+ (extra powder). It was a pretty heavy pistol. Always wore hearing protection on the range, and the few times I recall firing it without hearing protection, it wasn't deafening, and it wasn't too bad on the wrist. One of my co-workers used the +p+ ammo in his personal .38 special and it loosened the gun up from the additional recoil. I'm glad we weren't required to carry .357 ammo.

Yes, I know there are manly men out there who fire .40 magnums and think they are too little gun, but I'm not one of them. Of neccessity, those are heavy guns and have fairly long (read heavy) barrels. Firing a heavy round in a light gun, as Old Dog carries, is a recipe for hurt on both ends. I understand why he hasn't test fired it.
06-06-2009 07:49 AM
Old Dog
Originally Posted by asbrand View Post
I cannot comprehend how you would carry a gun you've never even fired once, much less practiced with.
Boggles my mind.
Akin to deciding to take a cross-country trip on a bike you've never even sat on, much less inspected or ridden around first.
OK-I'll explain my thoughts on it... First this is a 11.2 oz. .357 mag. which is going to hurt, believe me I know, second I did fire a primed empty case, third it has Crimson lazer sight grips lined up with the sights, forth who needs practice with a pistol that has a barrel shorter than the cylinder, you need it in about their gut anyway to hit them, ... So, I know firing the primed empty case did not break anything in the gun, but the recoil of a fully charged .357 125-158 grain bullet could very well break something, and it might not fire the next time when needed...
After I retired in 92 I gunsmithed for 8-10 yrs., so I have confidence in the protection I carry...
However, if you would like to practice with this 11 ounce .357 mag., I will happily let you, shucks I'll even furnish the ammo...lol...
But, sitting here looking at +/- 25 shooting thropies & metals I have won in the last 10-15 yrs., 2 trophies being state championship trophies, and 2 metals from the nationals... I believe I will know what to do when, and if the time comes...
BTW-I shot in the 05 Nationals, and did kick your Ga. boys tails...lol...
But, all being said and done, I would agree fully with you in about all cases...
So, someday when I have my gel padded riding gloves on, I may fire it one time, just to see how bad it will bruise my hand, sure hope it don't make me gun shy and afraid to fire it again though...lol...
Now, see what you have done, you have made me brag and blow, blow, blow, my own horn, and that is not nice at all...lol...
PS-I do other dumb & stupid things too, so I am experienced at dumb & stupid...
Have a good one...Old Dog...
06-05-2009 11:36 PM
Originally Posted by Old Dog View Post
The one I carry was test fired at the factory and I am taking their word it will fire again, but I have never fired it, and hope I never do...
I cannot comprehend how you would carry a gun you've never even fired once, much less practiced with.

Boggles my mind.

Akin to deciding to take a cross-country trip on a bike you've never even sat on, much less inspected or ridden around first.

06-05-2009 09:34 PM
Covert Alrighty, I read the whole thread and didn't see my favorite (and most effective) anti-tailgating tools:

Drop your feet like you're coming to a stop.

Next time you ride with a buddy, get in front of him and do that. He might kill you later for doing it, but boy you talk about STOP RIGHT NOW! That crap doesn't just make them back off, they often hammer the brakes so hard their headlights dip. This works at speeds from 5 to 100 mph, and it doesn't require letting go of EITHER handlebar, so you still have great control. The next one, which I reserve for night-time riding:

Ease your left foot back to the centerstand tang, then stomp it into the pavement. Fourth of July, brother, and it's perfectly safe at 70mph. For you crafty individuals, weld a couple of curved pieces of a bastard file to the feet of your centerstand. Surely there is a YouTube video of this somewhere, but I couldn't find one.
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