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Conversation Between OleDirtyDoc and vulcan1999
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  1. OleDirtyDoc
    12-07-2015 11:19 AM - permalink
    Does it run fine after it warms up?might just be cold blooded.if there was an issue with the choke circuit being plugged it would act like it wasn't choked,as it is an enrichment,as it gives it more gas
  2. vulcan1999
    12-07-2015 11:07 AM - permalink
    I have a brand new Yuasa AGM battery. I have no problem cranking at all. It spins over quickly. The engine will start right up but it seems to labor getting warm, even with the choke on. This is when the temp goes below 60 degrees. I keep the bike in the garage. It is not heated but is underneath our raised Rancher House. At the present time, I leave the choke full on until the engine starts to rev up and I inch the choke up accordingly. It seems that the choke should be placed back to normal quicker than what I am experiencing. I know I shouldn't compare it to another brand but we have 1984 Honda V-30 Magna which is a V-4 configuration with 4 carbs stuffed inside the V. The carbs a Keihin similar to the VN750 carbs. I can start that engine up in the same manner but you can place the choke back to normal much faster.
    I am wandering if something in the choke circuit of my carbs is clogged. In the normal summer weather, it is fine.

    Thanks, Pat
  3. OleDirtyDoc
    12-04-2015 09:10 PM - permalink
    What type of battery do you have?
  4. vulcan1999
    12-03-2015 07:00 PM - permalink
    You mention that you ride all year long. I have a question. How hard does your 750 start when it is below 50 degrees and do you leave the choke on more than normal in the warmer weather. With my 750, I can get it to start but it stalls out unless I leave the choke on completely for awhile. The engine seems very sensitive to the colder weather below 45 to 50 degrees.
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