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Vehicle Name Betty
Year 1992
Make Kawasaki
Model VN750
Color Blue
1992 Kawasaki VN750
History Car dealership I worked for took her in on trade from (I think) the original owner. I bought her from them for $350. Rode for about a season. Next season had a buddy change all the fluids and tune her up. Then the shift linkage broke and she sat in my garage for about 3 years. Had a mechanic that worked for me that offered to fix it for me. Got her back from him all fixed up in spring of 2017. Then I promptly broke her again when doing the pickup coil mod. Had to pull the engine to get the stator cover off and replaced which was an adventure. But it gave me the time to also rewire and make a few upgrades. Pulled and sandblasted the battery box and painted it while I was at it, now she's back on the road just in time for winter. She had 11,000 miles when I got her and is just shy of 14,000 now, four years later. But next spring we will be putting a LOT of miles behind us.
Removed baffles
De-badged tank and side covers
Installed black ISO grips
Swapped mirrors with '93 Intruder - BOTH bikes look better
Cleaned and painted plastics

The sound of wind and the purr of 5,000 rpm's.

Wheels and Tires
McInturff Mod (fixing and updating wiring)
Shindengen SH775 rectifier
Pickup coil mod
Ignition coil relay mod
Iridium plugs
AGM battery
Splines cleaned and lubed
All new fluids.
Rebuilt starter
4 oil changes in 2,000 miles. Because you have to drain the oil to do ANYTHING.
In process of Coastering.

Creature Comforts

New, but stock sizes.
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