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Vehicle Name Plasma
Year 1981
Make Yamaha
Model XJ650
Color Black
1981 Yamaha XJ650
History Bought this bike off a hillbilly who lived pretty much up the side of a mountain. The day I went to look at it, my work place had successfully generated plasma in a testing production reactor (not at the nuclear plant). I went up to look at the bike and just as I arrived at the place, the sky opened and it was pouring rain along with lightning and thunder. The bike started up well enough (by shorting a contact in the handlebar with a small piece of metal hanging by a shoestring), and I made an offer that was accepted. A few days later I rode it home. I shouldn't have.

The front brakes were worthless, and the back brakes weren't much better, it only fired on three cylinders, and the rear tire had a serious case of dry rot. But it held together right until I got it into the driveway where I was going, at which point it promptly died and didn't run again till I did a good bit of work on the carbs and ignition system. Now it's my dead reliable daily driver.
Buckhorn handlebars changed to Daytona bars, looks and handles much better

Creature Comforts
In the process of refinishing some XJ750 Forks and brakes to swap out. This gains me air adjust and dual disc braking.
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