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Exclamation Smoke & Burning Smell

Howdy Y'all --

I put Seafoam in the gas tank and let the bike idle for a while before putting Mr. Spock to bed. After few minutes I noticed smoke coming from the area just behind the engine and in front of the battery. I also smelled something burning. The smoke and smell scared me because earlier I had fuel on the floor from the carb problem.

I immediately shut off the bike and investigated. I followed the smoke as closely as I could and I think I found the culprit (pic atch). It looks like a hose made of some kind of fiber attached to what I think may be part of the unnecessary emissions system but I'm not sure. The screw driver is pointing at a white spot that looks like a burned/charred mark. I don't understand how this hose could burn because it doesn't appear to get too hot. Could somehow some of the gas that leaked out earlier today caused it to ignite?

Can I remove this hose? Do I need to cap or plug something else?

BTW, this last gremlin attack ocurred prior to installing the bell. Hopefully, the bell will disperse any future gremlins.


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