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I've been repainting my tins a gloss white. The sanding the original decals and paint down took forever, even with 320 grit sandpaper. I've been using the roll on method using Interlux Brightside boat paint (single part polyurethane vs., 2 part poly) since I'm cheap, don't have a compressor, and have never painted anything else other than plastic models when I was younger. I'm finding that this single part poly is amazing stuff. You can spray it or roll it on, and the manufacturer even supports both methods since it has some self leveling to it. Once my last coat dries tonight I'm going to do a final wetsand and then polish tomorrow.

I'll try to take some photos. I think it turned out quite well despite my efforts.

I've been looking at air guns and such and seriously thought about switching over to spraying. But I'm poor at the moment and I just want to ride the damned thing. lol

One recommendation though...Go to the junkyard and pay like $20 for an older car fender that's a decent size to practice on. The older cars have more surface area and the fenders have all the areas to practice on. e.g. Flat, curved, tight edges, etc. It's one thing I didn't do that I should have. The practice would have saved me a lot of time and effort on my tank.
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