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Originally Posted by yousername View Post
So i have two questions. First one, is it possible to rewire the kill switch to kill the connection to the battery instead of just interrupting the ignition system?

Second question, if the rewiring takes to much, what do i do to wire in a kill switch to the positive battery lead? Do i just chop the whole wire in half and splice in a switch or is there a certain lead within the positive that i have to cut? I would prefer this method over the rewire the kill switch because not only am i trying to prevent a battery drain after riding in the rain but also for security reasons because an alarm system isn't justified on a bike this this, at least to me but at the same time i dont want it stolen and unless someone REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY wants to steal it, they wont spend time hunting in every corner of the bike to try and find a possible kill switch. Granted i know its not a 100% secure method because its not that hard to take some bolt cutters to the steering lock and roll it up onto a truck bed or in a van, but its just some peace of mind i guess.
There are many Battery Cut- Off/Disconnect Switches available online.....choose one and adapt the mounting on your bike,
Yes, one option is is to cut Positive cable, but adding a short cable would be a better option.

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