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Hey MSH --

I feel your pain Dude, both physical and emotional. Many of us on this forum have been there. The most important thing is that you are not seriously hurt!
The bike (even the tank dent) can be fixed.

Crashing can be a scary and personally traumatic experience. It sounds like you're handling better than most.

My thoughts are with you for a complete recovery, emotional, physical, and scoot wise.

Are there any "take-aways" or lessons learned for the benefit of fellow riders?

Thanx for sharing your experience with us!

Originally Posted by msh1156 View Post
I'm fine.

Going round a curve in the road just after filling up for tomorrow's ride into work and I hit some gravel and lost control. If my surprise at hitting the gravel were not so great I could have possibly pulled it out by giving the right grip a good push, leaning me back into the direction of the road. (hind sight is 20/20) That's not what happened and I ended up in the ditch at a pretty good clip. My baby is now damaged where before it was not. I feel foolish, angry and inferior.

Windscreen was snapped off at the base - had to leave it there; Tach took a hit and got a nice scratch but I managed to bend it back into position. gas tank dented - size of a half dollar in the front top - no creasing. Headlight / turn signal assembly pushed back and to the right but I think that's straightened out again too. Brand new jeans ripped - nice gash in my leg. But everything seems to work, both on the bike and on me.

Guy in a pickup stopped to help me out, to lift her up and get her out of the ditch. Lucky for me - it would have been a lot harder without him. I got her started up, told her how sorry I was and we headed home following the path I had originally chosen in the first place.

I thought on the way to ****-can this whole cycle idea, that spending another dime on it would be a waste of money, that the ride to work in the morning would be by car and all my riding plans for this weekend and next week would be canceled. But after I got everything cleaned up and bent back into shape, the noticeable tank dent not withstanding, I began to soften. I think I'll not quit and I will ride in tomorrow morning as originally planned. After that we'll see.
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