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Sputtering and Idling

Please forgive the immediate barrage of questions to the board pertaining to my "new" bike, but I'm getting a little frustrated with a problem that it has.

When it gets good and hot, it sputters on acceleration. Higher RPMs tend to smooth it out, but a fresh gear really shows it unless I gun it.

I have a gas leak in a hose that I've shown here, before. I've fixed the leak to an extent, but I need to do a little better with it.

Anyway, the sputtering happens when it's colder, too, but it isn't as "distinguished". It's REALLY there when the bike heats up.

There are no mods done to this bike, so it's pretty stock, that I can tell. I have changed the spark plugs in it, but that hasn't really seemed to help.

Also, at times, when it's idling, it goes from high revving to low revving and back again, sometimes, on its own. If I rev it up while I'm in neutral at a stoplight or something, sometimes it takes it a while to come back down.

Any ideas here?

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Need to know the part number to a confirmed 18mm Deep Well socket bit to change your VN750's spark plugs?

Craftsman Part Number 50728
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