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Originally Posted by kagaku View Post
Any trick to this? I took it off a few months back to repaint the frame and I'm trying to find a decent way to attach it - can't get it anywhere near where it needs to be. Center stand was easy, it folds back all the way up to where the spring just about fits.
I removed my side stand over the winter to clean and grease it. Here is how I removed and replace the spring.
  1. Extend the side stand to the full open position.
  2. Insert coins, quarters worked best, into the openings in the now fully extended spring. As many as you can force into the opens. Double them up if possible.
  3. Retract the side stand.
  4. The coins keep the spring extended and the spring will fall off before the side stand is fully retracted.
  5. Reverse to install.
  6. Slowly extend the side stand while holding the spring with coin extension setup in place.
  7. Continue fully extending the side stand and the spring will fall into place.
  8. Remove the coins.
  9. Done.

You can do the same thing with the spring removed.
  1. Bend the spring into a U shape.
  2. Insert coins in the large openings at the base of the U.
  3. Flip the spring over.
  4. Bend the spring into U share.
  5. Insert coins.
  6. Repeat until you can't insert any more coins. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to really stuff them in as much as possible.
  7. Install as outlined above.

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