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Simple Plug Wire Question

Hey Guys,
I browsed quite a few threads and didn't see this asked...When replacing spark plug wires and going to install the cable in to the coils, should I strip some insulation towards the tip so the copper wire is exposed when I push it in to the coil? Or should I push the cable in with everything cut flush?

A bit of history:

Towards the end of last year I started having some POOGs like symptoms. I took apart the 'puck' in the ignition switch and cleaned it/stretched the springs, but not sure if I stretched them far enough. I also took apart the vent in the cap and it was all clean (surprisingly clean!) So I don't think that is it. I will be replacing my ground cable this year as mine snapped last year. While checking things out I noticed one of my plug boots was ripped so I was planning on replacing the plug boots with the NGK's and figured might as well replace the wires too.

Thanks, any other advice let me know. Hopefully getting the bike out of the shed next weekend!

1985 VN700 - ~5800 miles
-Plexifairing Windshield
-Leather Saddlebags & Front fork tool bag
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