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I wouldn't say you wasted your money as they are a very popular exhaust. I had a lot of bluing on the left side pipe plus there was some corrosion on it also, the right side factory pipe was like new, the bike(a 99) was well kept so I don't think it was from neglect though he did not adjust the carbs so maybe that was why. Didn't mean to scare you, Just that I thought the V&H's were more bang for the buck and while some of them will blue also they have heat shields to conceal the pipes, the Cobras are known for their blueing which are not covered by warranty(I don't think any of them are) As far as the carbs, do a search about marbleing the clean air system and adjusting your mixture screws out to 2 1/2 turns. If your going from a stock exhaust you will more than likely get popping on deceleration with aftermarket pipes.

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