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Part Deux, lol

To Ruger, Yes I realized it had been a while but I finally got bored enough to start on this.

Deviate, I wish I had known how close I ended up to where you are.

Birdhunter I would like to think I am tough but the beast is the newest ride on the farm and I might add the most economical.

Chuckles, I know you are always impatient for a good story,lol, and as you know we can both sing Keith Whitleys old song "I'm no Stranger to the Rain"

Where was I , Asheville NC this a question I would ask several times that day (where am I ?) This was around noon and I had put KY, Va,TN and a good part of Nc Behind me and was feeling pretty good about myself and my progress with a few minor setbacks at the start. time to saddle up and ride some more, Southwest I was headed on into SC I went. Keeping mind all this riding had been on slabs, if you want to count US 23 thru VA as slabbing it but it is one of the crookedest pieces of 4 lane road in the country and unlimited access so there are driveways and other roads intersecting it all along the way to the point it and I 81 merge. By this time I was getting pretty bored with all that and turned west onto another Interstate that took me over to Georgia ,27 , I believe, ted had told me of a good two lane of about 100 miles that ran south off this Interstate just inside the Georgia line that ran south to Macon, no Atlanta for me, thank you.

I thought to myself why not just two lane it all the way to Valdosta, so I stopped and reset my navigation to go from my to Valdosta, in hind sight I wish I had a real map to look at. The nav took me places I have never seen and heard of not a big deal but just how many pines ,pecan and peach trees does a man need to see?? I know a some of you have heard the expression "I have been all over hell and half of Georgia" Well I know the true meaning of that now !! Any who I did enjoy the Georgia country side fore about three hours before I began to get concerned about my whereabouts another hour or two layer and it was close to getting dark.

I found myself in a small college town which had to be the scooter capitol of the south. I saw a steak and shake and decided to stop and eat, deer jerky and snack crackers had ran out some where back in rural GA. So, fed and fueled up I started figuring which way I needed to go to hit Valdosta from where I was at, Holy cow it was another 100 miles from where I was, so I re routed and off through the Country I go It was fully dark by now and I'm running around the Georgia country side on the lookout for deer and other nocturnal critters including drunk rednecks.

After about 40 minutes of riding I rolled in to a sleepy looking town and gave up and asked the age old question . Where am I, other than somewhere in Georgia and bought me a monster energy, it was between 8 and 9 pm, and I was wearing down a little. The girl at the counter looked at me kinda odd and I said, no, I guess a better question is where am I in relation to I 75 ? This was a lot simpler question and this chick tells me about 15 miles that way. I decided to top off the tank while I was there and she comes out and check out the beast and noticed the tags and asked "you from KY" me "yep" and commented on my bike and asked where I was headed and I told her FL, She said that's a pretty good trip from here. which kind of puzzled me. I thanked her and headed out and realized she didn't have an accent and neither did I in that neck of the woods. Hillbilly perk, we all speak fluent hicktown English.

I rode the fifteen miles "That way" and found it to be closer to 12. The only problem was when I was looking to get on 75 south, I noticed I was only 10 miles south of Macon. I actually lost time trying to cut cross country but hey, I was riding and it was warm and I had shed a bunch of clothes back in Asheville and had just put my jacket back on at the last fuel stop and still had all the vents open. I was on 75 headed for FL, Life good , I ran into road milling and offset lanes and had to keep my head in the game and my eyes were getting tired . The BIL calls and says where are you? I told mim abit south of Macon and north of Valdosta, ..He tells me I have at least 5 more hrs of riding to get to his place . Which led me to the decision to find a room for the night and finish up on the next day. I stopped at a little burg called Vienna GA and haggled with an Indian dude for a single room and got one for thirty bucks, not the classiest joint but the room was clean and had a hot shower and a bed , I pulled my bike up on the sidewalk and parked it in front of my room unloaded all my stuff and locked everything down for the night. I'll continue from the next morning.. till the next installment , Good night.

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