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Sorry to hear about your bike getting knocked over and subsequent problems with the front end suspension. It`s especially a PITA when you rely on the scoot for transportation. I do not know what the difference is, and I`m not 100% sure about this, but I do not believe that there is any automotive oil to substitute for the fork oil. I`m sure someone else will respond soon to confirm or refute this.

As regards your front wheel misalignment, I may be able to offer some helpful info, if it should be needed again in the future. My forks were twisted about 25* out of line last June, when I hit the guardrail and ditch. My buddy rode the bike 4 miles home like that for me. I eventually put a jack and piece of 1x6 under the engine, to jack the front end up just enough to take the weight off the front wheel. I then loosened the two clamp bolts holding the fork tubes on each side. My adult daughter held the handlebars while I gripped the tubes and twisted them back straight again, (eyeball straight anyway). Knowing you can do this may allow you get yourself and the bike home, if it should happen again.

I hope you can get the problems with bike and careless/incompetent bike shop resolved soon and too your satisfaction. Good luck.


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