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If you actually don't need the safety switches, I highly recommend eliminating them. They are very prone to failure, and if one has not already failed, it will. It is easy enough to test the switches with a multimeter, but the readings can be inconsistent, as they tend to not work intermittently.

I recommend first getting a good battery, better yet, while working on it, jump it with a car battery or one of those booster packs. The Vulcan battery is marginal, and easy to run down from excessive cranking. The starter also seems to require more amperage than most motorcycle starters do. I also believe the Vulcan has a weak ignition system, and needs to be turned over at max speed to start well. A partially dead battery can fail to start it, even if it turns over.

Once you have a good, and completely charged battery connected to it, see if it will crank the engine over as it should. If it does, then you're starter and complete starter circuit are ok. The next thing to look for is a good spark. If it cranks normally, and you have a good spark, and it still won't start, the next place to look is the fuel system. Make sure there is gas in the carbs, by loosening the float bowl drain screws, and see if it comes out. If it does, troubleshooting the fuel system can get a bit complicated. First just make sure the engine turns over properly, and you have a good spark.

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