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Originally Posted by Elemental View Post
Hi everyone. I haven't been on in some time. Life gets in the way...divorce, job changing, etc.

I've had my 91 since 93. It's been stored inside forever. It hasn't run in 5-6 ish years. Right now, it's apart as I had the carbs off to clean and repair. I was also installing hardiness forward controls. Neither were complete when I abandoned the bike for a few years.
It's now home, and while filthy and not all in one peice, it's in good shape.

I would love to get it running again and take it out every now and then when I want to time travel.

Here's what I need help with so far.

1) I don't remember how to reinstall the carbs. My manual got lost in the move. Actually is there a way to confirm I put it all back together properly?
2) on the carb, one of the fuel inlets broke. What does everyone else do to fix these?
3) the forward controls are tough to install. Any advise?
4) I think I lost some clutch cable mounts. Anyone have a picture of how it should look?

Thanks in advance! I'm going to be here a lot.

When I first read this, I thought you were someone else. Welcome back. Hey, how'd you adhere all that stuff in your garage to the ceiling?
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