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Illegal Racing

So I was out for a ride the other day on the desolate roads near the airport and came upon a group of "kids" racing their crotch rockets. Needless to say I was a little more than a tad pissed when they were taking up both sides of the road while trying to kill themselves. As I was behind the sizable group, I assumed they didn't see me so I figured I'd give them a sign. I twisted the trottle and Sable growled loud at them. THAT got their attention but unfortunately not the kind I wanted. They all looked at me for a second with kind of stunned looks on there faces. The guy starting the race chuckled and gestured for me to pull up to the line. I did but only so I could get past these assbags. A red and black crotch rocket pulls up next to me, the rider looks at me and my bike, drops his visor, shakes his head, and laughs. The guy in front of me makes sure our front tires were even, points at his friend, points at me, raises both hands, then throws them down. The rider next to me jumps into a wheely and effectively vanishes. I let the clutch out calmly and pull away as I would from a stop sign. I continue my ride and never look back. The guy I "raced" is at the quarter mile mark down the road. As I pass him I wave and I see him laughing.

This brings a few questions to mind: did I ask these people to race by revving my engine? What happens to you if you get caught racing bikes illegally? Because even though it was niave, I kinda did. If I report them will I be shot in my sleep? If they want to needlessly risk their foolish lives that's fine I guess but I'd rather it not take up the entire road I'm trying to ride on. I really wanted to tune one of 'um up but there were like 25 of them. Is there a way to stop them that keeps both them and me safe? How do I get around them without racing, without losing teeth, and without getting a crotch rocket up the tail pipe?
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