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Thumbs up How does the "Reputation System" work?

See a post that helped you out? Want to point out user that should be avoided? Give out some reputation points!

You may have seen the little green (or red) "jelly beans" underneath your post count in each of your posts:

This is a gauge of how much reputation has been given to you by other members. By resting your cursor over the "jelly beans" it will give a little message showing how much repuation you have.

To leave repuation for another member:

Simply click the button at the top right hand of the user's post and fill in the info.

After clicking, select "I approve" or "I disapprove" and add some comments.

ALL members can leave reputation for any members. Site Supporters can view who left repuation for them in their UserCP.

Remember, this is not anything serious and don't get upset if you don't get as many rep points as the next person. The staff has full viewing to see how the system is being used. If it is abused, the ability to leave reputation can be taken away on user by user basis.

Do different members have more weight when they leave reputation for me?


Here is how it is broken down.
  • Everyone starts out with 10 rep points.
  • Everyone starts out with the ability to give ZERO points reputation (this is so you don't create a user just to give negative rep). You have to earn the right to give rep points.
  • For every 100 days that you have been a member, you gain 1 point of rep-altering power.
  • For every 500 posts you make, you gain 1 point of reputation-altering power.
  • For every 100 points of reputation you are gievn, you gain 1 point of reputation-altering power.
  • You cannot give any reputation before you have posted 50 posts. (you can give it, but it will not count util you've made 50 posts)
  • You can only make 10 reputation clicks per day.
  • Before giving a person any rep points that you already gave rep points to, you must give out 10 other rep clicks to different users. (This prevents rep padding).
  • When an ADMIN gives someone reputation, it is worth 10 points.

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