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Originally Posted by centurynick View Post
not going to lie that driveway scared the living $hit out of me
so,....it wasn't just me, then?!

Originally Posted by M_Angell View Post
Lol it was fun 2 up on the 750.
you couldn't pay me to have that kind of fun!

Originally Posted by centurynick View Post
yep have unlimited talk text yada yada ..... Verizon owns my soul !!!
good thing! and I bet Verizon does too! lol

I just hope Denny has unlimited talk also.

Originally Posted by Chuck A. View Post
Like HELLO! Don't leave us hanging here. Need the rest of the story. So Denny called, and,,,,,,,,,,,,
well, I would tell you,......but after I got done talking to Denny, I don't remember anything. so what's that tell ya?! lol

Originally Posted by Goofyfoot2001 View Post
I have Wally World straighttalk. I always have a signal, have unlimited EVERYTHING and for $45 a month. You have to buy your phone but I have a 4.2 inch scvreen android 4.x that works as well as any verizon phone for under $200. It's like freedom. Back to you Chet.
thanks for the commercial break. I may have to look into that, the next time I'm at Wally Word. lol

Originally Posted by Birdhunter02 View Post
I was there, and I'm still waiting to see how it ends...
how do you think I feel?! not only was I there, but I'm the one writing all this and I don't even know how it all ends!

if it goes vroom or boom, I LIKE IT!
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