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Accident Avoidance - This Could Happen To You

I had my biggest scare on Friday while out for a short ride, and I was just sitting still. I approached a "T" intersection that was on an incline to the left. I was waiting to make a turn to the left with traffic moving in both directions on the cross street. A car (red) approached on the right that wanted to turn left onto the road I was on. He stopped for oncoming traffic when another car (silver) came flying up behind him. There was no place the turning car could go as there was no shoulder, the car that was flying hit the brakes and attempted to pass on the left clipping the turning car. That sent the silver car heading straight at me. I let go of the front brake and rolled backward 3-4 inches when the silver car hit an oncoming pickup truck headon. Now both the truck and car were heading straight for me with plastic, glass, and metal flying. I could literally do nothing but pray. I was fortunate. They came to rest literally 2-3 inches from me and I was untouched.

Everyone was in shock and in a panic, including me. I tried to get out of there slowly and carefully to get out of the now spewing gas, anti-freeze, water, etc. I turned the handlebars too far to the left and being on a hill that inclined to the left, I started to tip over. I could not hold the bike so I let it go down as gentle as I could on me. Several Harley riders were at business across the street and immediately came running past the 2 accident victims (still in their vehicles) to me to ensure that I was ok and helped me right the bike. Bikers look out for Bikers!!!!

My body, my windshield, and my saddlebags with a pair of frog toggs packed inside, provided the cushion the Vulcan needed and it was totally untouched! Not a scratch, dent, or otherwise. As for me, I'm very sore today, but was not hit!

On the attached picture, the red circle is where I was sitting waiting to turn. The accident unfolded around me in a split second.

You don't have to be moving to be a victim. In my riders class they said to ride as if your head was on a swivel. How true, even when you are waiting to turn.
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