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Alright so the quick and dirty hacked together volt meter worked. I rode about 5 miles, everything was fine the first mile or so, and then suddenly my voltage went nuts, jumping around between 10 and 18-19 volts. I almost thought I had a loose connection, but then it leveled out....at 18.7-19.2 volts when riding.

When I stopped at a light and kicked it into neutral, it went down to 13.1 to 14.3 volts. This fluctuated, but never went above 14.3 when idling in neutral.

As soon as I'd take off and hit 3rd gear, 18-19 volts. Anything over 18.5 volts and I'd get the crazy RPM gauge when revving the engine. At 18-18.4v, the bike rides ok, but sounds "off".

Gonna try it again tonight and see if the voltage spikes correspond to when my lights brighten. I'm assuming they do.

Does this mean I have a bad R/R? I'm also going to assume here; I probably need a new one.

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