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Originally Posted by badpyhedy View Post
优量生产免调试易安装的气体流量计、智能气体流量计、蒸汽流量计、饱和蒸汽流量计、过热蒸汽流量计、ZD系 列浊度仪、压力表、液位计和自控自动化设备;产品面向全国 气体流量计[url]超声波流量计对喷射器的用水. 气体流量计使用中常见问题及. 产品展示. 气体涡轮流量计 液体涡轮流量计 磁翻转双色液位计
Translated it says.....
You debug-free production capacity of the gas flow meter easy to install, smart gas flow meter, steam flow meter, flowmeter saturated steam, superheated steam flow meter, ZD line Turbidimeter, pressure gauge, the total level of automation and control equipment; product surface To the nation gas flow meter ultrasonic flow meter on the jet of water. Gas flow meter use and frequently asked questions. Products. Gas turbine flow meter liquid flow turbine Total turnover two-color magnetic level gauge
Don't think we need water/steam flow for our bikes!
But hey, it has a two color magnetic level gauge!!! Cool

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