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Originally Posted by Limeybiker View Post
I've taken the bike out for three or four rides now, and the battery seems to be charging fine. I've also installed a volt meter, which indicates about 14 volts most of the time I'm riding. At idle it's just over 12 volts. I think this is going to be ok.
My stator did the same thing with around 12v but never got above 13.5 unless at 6k rpm. I replaced the battery and did some tests, thought I fixed it, and got stranded 75 miles between home and the middle of no wear. If you're not sure it will hold at least carry an extra battery of some sort, its worth the hassle imo. *spent 14 hours getting home with only freindly harley riders to help me...soccer moms don't wanna help a 6 foot 6 dude on a motorcycle holding jumper cables*

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