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I know that a lotta RVs have aux batteries....and there is an automatic switching system....I had one on my tourney bass boat...switched between charging the engine starting battery, to charging the trolling motor battery...that could be something to look into....the way the bass boats do it....Im sure its compact.....I think I had something the size of a solenoid unit on my Skeeter....

And ya, a normal stereo wont draw much and say, a TP stator with a higher upped R/R could handle it (MOSFET)....Unless ya have the Joshua Light Show eminating from yer bike....a TP coupled with a higher amp MOSFET should handle it....
Or ya can add a Chevy alternator belt driven off the stator side, as was just shown here recently.....(I still crap my pants every time I look at them pics, lol)....fookin genius though....

And Tommy...Vulcan2000...call me when ya get a chance....its time to ride brother....

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