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Lightbulb Neutral Finder

I'm looking for any information on a 1986 "positive neutral finder" feature of the VN.

The way the bike shifts into 1st and 2nd gear is seemingly inconsistent:
[From a dead stop]Sometimes instead of shifting from neutral,down, to 1st gear, the bike won't sit into gear. I have to shift UP into 2nd(? or is it 1st ?), begin accelerating and then shift back down to what feels like 1st gear. When (this above) happens I cannot shift UP, only DOWN and then back UP to find 2-3-4.

[Other times] The bike feels like it isn't making it into 2nd or 3rd, it somehow goes into neutral and as the RPM starts to whine I shift up or down to find a gear--which sometimes works first try, but other times takes 3 or 4 tries

I'd say 40% of the time everything shifts correctly from N-1st-2nd.. etc...from a sitting stop to go.

The majority of mess up's happen when trying to find 1st gear. The bike just won't let me get into 1st unless I *dumbly* start tapping the shift lever all around or shift UP into gear and back down

Now I'm wondering if I'm just not using the "neutral finder" thing correctly or maybe I need some clutch/tranny work. The clutch cable IS pretty worn (old).
If anyone's got any idea on this I'd love to hear it.
Thanks, and RIDE ON.
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