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Well done on getting back on the road with 2 wheels. The VN is a lot of fun, very nimble with a good low down range of power, very easy on the gear changes. My other 2 wheel love is my VFR750, totally different but fun in a totally different way.

I now split my riding time between the 2 bikes, depending how I feel. If a I want a leasurerly cruise along out comes the VN, if I want a bit of a blast I take the VFR.

If I go on a long trip I would take the VFR, I find it more comfortable riding position with the arms leaning down. With the VN I find the arms up position a bit uncomfortable. The other issue with the VN is the small fuel tank with the VFR I have 18litres of fuel and can easily travel 200 miles between stops. The other nice thing on the VFR is the noise made when you get her on the open road, besides the nice exhaust note there is the whine from the gear driven cam shafts, very different and noticeable and so nice not to have any cam chains to worry about, no adjusters, no wear, nice.

The VN is great for taking my nieces and nephews for a ride around, the seat is alot better for them. On Saturday I had 3 of them over for a ride, great fun and they are all very good on the back. Jacket, helmet and gloves on and off we go.

But after all that get out and enjoy the VN and the open road, thats where it is the best.

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