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Originally Posted by js394811 View Post
I have checked both headlight and fuse and both are still good. I also added a jumper from the regulator to the junction box to supply power to it but from what I read when installing it I spliced it into a brown wire that seems to power the park lights and the tail light. Is the headlight wire a different one?

I will also check into using a jumper to bypass the headlight relay in the meantime. Thanks!
The brown wire is pretty much useless when you upgrade to the Mosfet and can be taped off and left unconnected.
The jumper wire from the Junction box should be tied directly to any one of the 3 (originally yellow) wires from the stator.

The way its supposed to work (as I understand it) is that as the stator spins up and pushes out voltage, the jumper wire picks this up and activates the headlight relay in the junction box allowing the headlights to come on and stay on until you turn the key off.

If you do the headlight relay bypass, you don't need to hook the jumper wire up. I just pulled min out of the harness connector.

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