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Originally Posted by liljd View Post
I've read several threads about tire size and speed, and how a gps puts it a bit over or under the true speed.

I went over to the east district today due to curiosity and had one of our officers clock me in the lot and found my speedo to be correct with my 100/90-19 front tire. How much will it be off if I go with a larger front? Anyone have any ideas????
Correct at what speed? The speedo gets more inaccurate the faster you go; i.e., with the stock 100/90-19 tire, mine was off [email protected] indicated, 64 actual, and ~1mph (give or take) more for each 8-10mph indicated above that. At 127 indicated, I was actually doing ~115. Haven't gone near that since putting a 110/90-19 on the front, but at 70mph indicated, I'm doing 70mph actual. Tire brand, compound, and tire air pressure all have some effect, too; no two are necessarily gonna be exactly the same.


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