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Originally Posted by Wolfie View Post
Fool....lemme know when yer in Conn.....Im only about an hour from Danbury....lets hook up....

And TooTall.....I guess that means you aint gonna "run with the pack" eh ?....shame....you aint that far.....

Mebbe Im getting old and blind, but what year is it, and how many miles ?? I may make an offer so's I could flip it....all clean papers, right ?
I really dont wanna sell it, but without a garage its a real pain to work on it. The people in my apartment complex want to kill me when I work on it.

Its a 1986 with around 36K on it. I am also considering having someone fix it work for. And yes it has clean papers.

Its a real shame if I do sell it, its the only bike I can fit on.
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