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Q: Anyone ever used in their OIL? It says on the can that it can be added to the oil.
A: I know several folks on here have. I added a couple of capfuls when I changed oil a couple of weeks ago but too early to tell any difference.

A: I have used it in my oil in my Saturn as well as the bike... But only just before an oil change to "loosten" up all teh crud that is in the case. Put in a whole lot last time around in the bike and didn't experience any clutch slippage, etc. Not sure I'd run it for a whole 2000-4000 mioles between oil changes, but didn't seem to do any harm for 25-50 miles prior to an oil change.

A: Yep... Put 1 to 2 ounces in 300 miles away from an oil change.. Let it clean out the gunk, then rinse with the oil change..
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