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For those of us looking to put V&H CruZers on, MAW has them at $310. That beats the previous best deal at www.phatperformanceparts.com ($330). Anyone get a better deal?

MAW charges a 4% handling & insurance charge ($12.50 on this) plus the UPS shipping so Phat's gotta be the better deal.

the HD muffler install...couldn't get to the file for some reason. Anyway, here is the file pasted: NOTE: This is just a description of how I installed MY mufflers. It should give an idea of how to do it yourself. This is only based on my skill level and my resources. You will see the problems I had and I hope you can learn from them. When I say left or right it is from the view point of as if you were sitting on the bike looking forward. The first question is "where do you get H-D dyna mufflers from"? A lot of Harley guys change their mufflers out before the bike even hits the steets. So your chance of getting a new pair at a low price is very good. You can call your local shop and see if they have any laying around that they want to get rid of. I got my mufflers off of ebay. This is another way they get rid of there mufflers. You can easily get a pair for less then $30 off of ebay. Once you get your mufflers it's time to go shopping.

Here was my list: THESE CAN BE BOUGHT AT ANY PARTS STORE 1- 1 3/4" U-clamp 1- 1 3/4" flexible exhaust kit (the kit should come with another U- clamp included. If not you will need to buy another U-clamp) Exhaust Tape THESE CAN BE BOUGHT AT HOME DEPOT 4- 5/16" carriage bolts 4- 5/16" lock nuts Stock metal to make your muffler mount brackets (what you use is up to your skill level and resorces) Now let's begin the mod! First remove the stock mufflers and premuffler (goats belly) Save two of the stock muffler clamps for later. Take one of the dyna mufflers and slip it over the left header pipe. Use a jack with a pad or a box or whatever you can find and put it under the muffler to get it level. Install the heat shield and see how it looks and adjust the muffler to the desired level. Now measure the distance from the stock exhaust mount on the bike to the slot mount of the muffler. Use your imagination and make a muffler mount now. I used diamond plate I had laying around my garage.

If you are planning on relocating your R/R you can make your mount extent up beyond the the bike mount and mount your R/R to the same bracket later. Using your measurement, drill three holes in your mount bracket. One for the upper mount to the bike and two for the muffler mount. Use two of the carriage bolts and lock nuts and mount your bracket to the muffler then use the stock bolt and nut and mount the muffler to the bike. Install the heat shield now and see how it looks. If you need to adjust the level you can alway elongate the bracket holes to get the right level. Now remove the muffler and bracket and make a simular bracket for the other side.

Let's install the left muffler now. Get the exhaust tape and a hair dryer. Use the instructions and wrap the left header pipe a couple time. Now mount the left muffler and use a U-clamp to attach the muffler to the header pipe. Make sure you face the threads of the U- clamp in the direction so it won't interfere with the mounting of heat shield once it's put on. Mount the heat shield. (you will not be able to use the rear heat shield mount) The left side is now done. Let's move to the right side. Use the mounting bracket you already made for this side and mount the muffler to the bike using the other two carriage bolts and lock nuts at the muffler and the stock bolt and nut to the bike.

Check and compare the two mufflers now to see that they are at the same level and match as far as looking the same. Make any adjustments now to the right mount. Here is the tricky part. You will see there is a 6-8 inch gap between the muffler and the header pipe and the muffler won't be on a straight line from the header. This is why you need the flexible exhaust tubing. To fill the gap and make the slight bend. Cut the flexible tubing to the right length. The problem I had now was that the flexible tubing and the muffler inlet are the same size. To get the tubing over the muffler inlet I cut one slit on the end of the tubing about an inch length wise down the tube to expand the "mouth" of the tubing to fit over the muffler inlet. This problem was not expected so this was my way of fixing something I hadn't planned. You may want to try a different size tubing.

Using the muffler tape the same way you did on the left side, wrap it a couple times on the end of the header pipe and the muffler inlet (outside). Install the tube over the header. Use a U-clamp and mount the tubing to the muffler. If you put a slit in the tubing end like I did, make sure the slit is on the outside (to the rear) of the clamp to prevent leaks. Since the header pipe sits so close to the frame it is impossible to fit a U-clamp in that area and get the heat shield on. The stock clamps are too big to get a tight fit on the header pipe so you will need to use two of them. One as a shim and one as a clamp. Cut the ends off one of the clamps to make a shim the shape of a "C". Now put the shim over the flex tube at the header pipe and the clamp over it. Tighten the clamp to get a tight fit. Put the heat shield on and you should be done with the mod. and can see how it looks. You aren't done completely yet though.

Take the heat shields off and start the bike up. Let it run for about ten minutes. While it is running check for any leaks. You may have to just tighten your clamps up to stop them. The heat from the bike will also heat up the exhaust tape to harden it. That will be what you smell. Once you have all the leaks sealed, put the heat shields back on and enjoy! You will find it to be a good deep rumble sound. After each of the first few rides keep checking all the clamps and bolts. They will loosing on you and you want to keep them tight. Also keep checking for leaks at this time. I hope this has helped out. If you have any more questions feel free to ask me or any of the others that have done this mod. Warren D.

Got the Jardine tapers on the 2001 I bought this spring. They are crossovers (both "muffler" parts on right side). I like the sound better than the Cobras on the vn750 I left in TN ... seems a little deeper and less .... um, dunno .... blatty? I didn't rejet for the Cobras, but don't know if this bike has been rejetted for the Jardines. The idle mix screws (yeah, I know, but that's what we call them on here <g>) were uncovered, but not turned out much. I put them at 2 3/4 and she seems to run just fine. I wouldn't hesitate to buy them ... I wouldn't get the Cobras again. I might get the V&H .... but need to hear if they are too loud first. OH ... and I can still use the centerstand ... can with all aftermarket pipes AFIK grambo

Cobraswill blue up fast (Even with a no-blue treatment) and the chrome tends to be a bit less quality. Remember, with some things.. you get what you pay for. Cobras are definitely loud, you just need to treat them to delay the bluing and then get the heat shields to cover it up when it does happen.

The Cobras that I have had blued really bad, and IMO didn't sound as good as the CruZers... Can't say for the Jardines... As for the rejet... NO, no, no, no, and no... Only time this is needed is when the intake is modified.. I had also heard of the the low-end loss of power, but didn't notice any..

Poor mans exhaust: i like the sound of my degoated stock mufflers on my 750, they have a 3/4 hole drilled straight through the baffle on the muffler itself. you can see straight through the hole. My friends compliment me on the sweet deep sound they have that way. you may want to put your stock mufflers back on in this way if you have them unless you tried that already. beavis

I test rode my bike today and I really like the degoated stock pipes. The sound is deeper then the dynas and not as loud as the punched out dynas. At cruising speed it has a nice low hum. Not bad for less then $20. Maverick

Only reason (to degoat other than relieving the heat on the R/R) would be to change the sound of your exhaust... If you like the quieter pipes, leave it stock. Running stock with the goat's belly is as quiet as you can get them I think. Running stock pipes but degoated gives you a louder.. much louder but tinny sort of rat-tat tat sound. Or you can run either of the above (stock goated or degaoted with the Dynas (HD Mufflers) I am runing stock degoated and just got the 27"classic fishtail mufflers. The bike seems to purr a nice low rumble now but it's not as loud as the degoated stock and definitely a lot quieter than Cobras or V&H Cruzers Any other type of full exhaust system you might buy for your bike will eliminate the goats belly for you. Dianna
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