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For the V&H, there is a sound byte in the VN750 yahoo group files section under Engine, Air intake and exhaust.

Popping on deceleration Phil, I spoke with Ron last night. He seems to have whipped my "popping" on deceleration problem. He spoke with V&H and found out what jetting the Cruzers are engineered for. Then he checked mine. Thye were under jetted, even under the specs listed in the manual! He opened the jetting to the specs provided by V&H, then opened the air mixture screws to 2 1/2 turns (out) and that solved the popping. He is doing some more checks and minor servicing today. I should pick her up tonight or tomorrow at the latest. I'll be more specific relative to the jetting changes once I have met with Ron.

This is, hopefully, the final chapter on my "popping" on deceleration problem I put my 750 in the hands of someone who knows what he is doing, and I am happy to report that the loud, distracting popping that I experienced after the Vance & Hines Cruzers were installed is now reduced to a low rumble with only an occasional pop when gearing down. It was difficult to understand what the mechanic did over the telephone, but here's the scoop for any one who may have similar problems.

He called Vance & Hines, and they said that the Cruzers are engineered to work with with main jets of 135. The factory main jetting is 132, He drilled the main jets to 135, opened the fuel mixture screws to approximately 2-3/4 turns out ( a slight variance between cylinders), and took her for a test ride. The popping was practically all gone. The spark plugs that had been white w/o any tan now show a bit of tan color. I drove the bike home, approximately 45 miles, and she purred like a kitten ( a very nasty kitten, I might add) with negligible popping. I also noticed that the temp gauge was somewhat cooler than before. He has suggested trying a slightly "cooler" spark plug for effect and recommends either the NGK DP8EA-9 or the Champion RA 6 HC (gapped at .035). He feels this may be a better plug for my 750. He said to try it, and if the engine misses or doesn't perform well go back to the stock plugs. In the future, I may go to the ear shave and alter the main jetting further to the recommended settings for the ear shave, but for now I feel much better about things. I hope that this is helpful to others who may have the same or similar problems. Ride safe, Neal/Ratty
I have H-D dyna mufflers that you are talking about. They aren't just slip ons. You have to make your own mounts and the right side needs some flexible tubing. It's an easy mod and the sound is worth it. I have pictures in my signature line below.

I added a text file under "files" on how I installed my H-D dyna mufflers. I hope it helps those that want to do it this mod.
The easiest and least expensive way to get a little more rumble out of your stock pipes is to drill or punch a hole in your mufflers baffle. It is just a perforated disc, if ya lie on the ground and aim a flashlight in there you'll see what I mean. I drilled a 3/8" hole in each of my discs and was liked the sound so I left well enough alone. I also turned out my fuel/air mixyure screws 2 1/8 turns and my scoot runs great and the plugs have that nice tan color. -Bruce Detroit
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