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Pipes and Crush Gaskets

Also See Goat's Belly and Reduce or Eliminate Popping / Backfiring

You do not need to rejet for any replacement pipes. This is a misconception of unknown origin...lol In theory...de-goating would decrease power...I do not have first hand knowledge of this...but a few folks have reported a little less pep at low speeds.

OK you cruzer lovers, you made me do it! Just ordered a pair from the Phat website one of you recommended. They were considerably cheaper than Dennis Kirk and shipping might even be free.

Oh yeah, we really twisted your arm, didn't we.... <g> The install is easy.. They come with detailed instructions, and everything you need, except new crush gaskets.. Most here swear by Harley gaskets, I just got some from the Kaw dealer down the road, no problems yet.. You're gonna love 'em.. If you really want to make your neighbors love ya, unpack he baffles...= )

This is from the post that is in the VN750 -> Files -> Engine, Air Intake and Exhaust folder. I do not know if we can still get them from Judge, but there are Harley shops everywhere. -- Text extracted from the folder. If you add aftermarket pipes you need to replace your header ( crush ) gaskets The Harley crush gasket that fits our bike is HD #17048-98 for the gaskets from Judge here is the info JUDGE (Robert Oglesby, VROC # 2594). $6.00 for a pair, and they worked great. Many on the VROC board claim that his are the best. The JUDGE ones are good also .Send him an email at [email protected] and he will send you his address. Then send him $6 with a SASE and he will sent the gaskets.

Here's what I have on JUDGE: JUDGE (Robert Oglesby, VROC # 2594). $6.00 for a pair , and they worked great. Many on the VROC board claim that his are the best. Send him an email at [email protected] and he will send you his address. Then send him $6 with a SASE and he will sent the gaskets.

Gaskets - can just go to your local Harley shop and buy them there.. part: HD #17048-98

My left exhaust pipe got loose after my last ride, and I determined that the studs were bad. I removed the pipe and found one of the studs corroded so the threads were not holding. With liberal amounts of PB Blaster, I was able to twist the old studs out with vise grips. Got replacement studs at Ace Hardware and used anti-seize on both ends. (I like the pretty acorn nuts, so I opted to replace the studs instead of using regular stainless bolts.) Not wanting to wait for Judge, I swallowed my pride and made a trip to the local HD dealer. Yes, they had the gasket in stock ($5 for one). They had 2 different ones -- one for stock pipes and one for aftermarket pipes. We want the one for aftermarket pipes. It's just a simple, mesh-like ring. After seeing it and using it, I would say that it is at least as good if not better than Judge's. And I used a little trick I picked up here of putting a small dab of grease on the gasket to hold it in place while reinstalling the pipe. So now I have Judge's on the right and HD on the left. Both are very good.
the Kaw part # for a complete gasket set is 11028-1098 Kaw calls it gasket set A. It can be purchased through cycleparts.com for about $105, or you could get it from a dealer for about $115. Any or all of the gaskets can be purchased separately. If you need a manual for the specs & proceedures, I would reccomend either the Clymer manual or the Kaw manual (available also as a download). The Haynes manual has quite a few errors and jumps around between the 750 & the 800. Some of the members here may be able to get you the Kaw manual on a CD if you need it. Enjoy your project

I guess that technically the part number 17048-98 is a "Screamin' Eagle" Performance Exhaust Gasket Kit. I don't know if "Screamin' Eagle" is part of HD or not, but the part number is correct for the above mentioned kit. As Dianna says, these gaskets I bought actually crush as the bolts are tightened, and they were only 85 cents each. And the part number for the crush gaskets is 65835-86T. Here's a couple of looks at the gaskets I bought. http://www.geocities.com/robertrbb/gasket.jpg http://www.geocities.com/robertrbb/gasket2.jpg Bob Burns
The baffles in the Vance & Hines Cruzers remove with after you remove one screw. They are great pipes and have an excellent note but are a bit loud for my preferences. I really like how they are set up, as they don't blue like the Cobras do. I just removed a baffle this weekend to have a look at it to see if the packing had blown out, and what I would need to repack it. So they do come out, but it takes a bit of work to get them loosened up to come out. I think it took about 15 minutes to remove it, and that was a first attempt for me
Finally got my cruzers installed today and when I fired the 750 up, my wife and I looked at each other in amazement and just started laughing. (Don't think I could have done the install w/out her help several times.) I never dreamed they'd sound like that. Course, that's inside the garage w/the door closed! LOL. Man, some of the tolerances are pretty close; hope I can get my F&S "engine guard" back on. Wish I'd found the V&H installation instructions b4 I took the old pipes off according to Clymer manual. The V&H instructions were better. I used the HD crush gaskets and removed the existing metal gasket; hope that was the right thing to do. Too late/dark to ride, but I can hardly wait. Everyone of you who told me I'd love 'em was right on and I bought the pipes because I trusted your input! Ain't this forum the greatest! Ya'll have a great wk now! bob in orygun Bob "Tiger" Hawley
Bob: You are so right. CruZers are sweet sounding. If you have not put on coasters yet you may consider that for your next project. When you back off the gas you will probably get a popping noise from the EPA junk. Its burning excess gas fumes in the exhaust and pipes from air sucked thru the reed valves. Its next on my list of projects. Enjoy! Owen "BigO" Lloyd
For all who are interested in the pipes:

1. The V&H CruZers are one on each side, same as stock.

2. You do not need to rejet by changing pipes - only if you change the intake (e.g. ear shave). But you will want to back the air mix screws out a turn or 2 to reduce the "popping" on deceleration.

3. They come with full-length heat shields, so you will never see any bluing on them (unlike the Cobras, which are well-known for turning blue). Don't know about the Jardines.

4. You should probably get new crush gaskets for the header (where the pipes attach to the cylinder). Get 'em from JUDGE on the VROC board or from your local Harley shop (part #17048-98)

5. One good place we have found to buy the CruZers is Phat Performance Parts: http://tinyurl.com/2m8p3 - $329.95 with free shipping. (NOTE: The picture shown at this link is NOT the VN750, since both pipes exit on the right in the pic - see point #1.) Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, ask Raz or Bulldog! <g> Jim "Pick" Foster
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