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Q: you mention bolts to mount the crank case & breather filters. Where did you mount these?
A: I mounted them at the top bolt hole from the ears. The old bolts were too short so they had to be replaced.

Q: did you take carbs out or do the needle & jet work with them in place?
A: I installed the shims with the carbs in place. I did everything I could to install the jets without removing the carbs but couldn't do it. Removing the carbs was easier than I expected.

Q: what is wrong with the ears ? why remove them ?
A: There's nothing wrong with them. Some want to increase air flow in order to increase power (and decrease fuel economy). Others want a cleaner, less cluttered appearance. I had one ear busted and needed to replace it. Also, it seems that every time I did work on the bike, I was hitting the ears with my elbow, head, etc. I don't mind the look of th ears, but I do enjoy having less stuff in my way. Thanks to Jason Spivy for 90% of this page.
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